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Fast Muscle Mass Building Part 2


Article and video by Wiggy.

One of the questions I hear a lot is if somebody wants to build fast muscle mass, then how should they lift?

You Just Gotta Lift HEAVY!

I mean, there are a lot of different theories out there – some lifters say you should do lots of volume (sets & reps) with moderate weight; others recommend one crazy, all-out set to failure; and finally another theory is using light weights and high reps to pump a bunch of blood into the muscle.

Which way is best?

While I've got my ideas on how many sets & reps you should be doing (this link will explain it) the one thing you need to consistently do is lift heavy weights.

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Lifting heavy weights is necessary because it's the heavy lifting that creates myofibrillar hypertrophy, or in other words, that dense muscle that looks rock hard.

There is a science behind all this, but think about it in a simple and logical manner for a minute; the human body is naturally lazy. Why? It's a self defense mechanism. Even though we're living in modern society with modern conveniences, our body doesn't know that. It's still programmed to work as if we were all living in caves and hunting down our food every day. In order to preserve itself, the body takes every natural shortcut it can, making it easy to sustain itself in its current state. (Longer sustainment = longer life.)

When you lift a heavy weight, you're placing stress upon your body that it's not normally used to. You're literally making things hard on yourself. Since the body is naturally lazy, it wants to make this extra work easy to do. So what does it do? It builds extra lean muscle mass to make moving that heavy weight easy.

That's why you have to be consistently and progressively adding weight to the bar over time.

When your body builds enough muscle to make the weight you're lifting easy, you need to put more weight on the bar to make the body uncomfortable again, that way you force it to continue to build muscle mass.

See how that works?

So to maximize this whole process - and build as much muscle as possible - what you need to do is a workout that has you consistently adding weight to the bar...

That's why you should check out Fast Muscle Mass Building right now.

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