Vince Delmontes No Nonsense Muscle Building Review

I downloaded a free e-book entitled "The Top 20 Ways To Screw Up In The Gym", written by a former skinny endurance athlete nicknamed Skinny Vinny, or Vince DelMonte. Here’s my webpage review of this free ebook. The free ebook actually contained some decent info and because of this, I decided to get his complete program and then write a Vince Delmontes No Nonsense Muscle Building Review.

Vince Delmontes No Nonsense Muscle Building

As the title suggests, "No Nonsense" gets right down to it. It is not just another e-book with a bunch of boring pages that you won’t even finish reading. It’s actually the opposite!

It is direct and to the point, but is packed with the most comprehensive system I’ve ever seen! It will empower you with every tool required to short-cut your success to insane muscle gain!

No fluff. No B.S. No hype! It’s designed for one thing and one thing only… to show you the skinny guy the most direct and uncomplicated methods to building more muscle mass and gaining weight. Quickly and easily.

Trust me, no one had worse genetics (for building muscle) than Vince, a long-distance runner who ran 80-120 km a week for 10 if you think you have bad genetics – throw that excuse out the window!

Whether you are an aspiring bodybuilder, fitness model, competitive athlete or just want to look good in a bathing suit – this system has been proven to work time and time again!

Buy the program here

Vince’s main ebook is called “No Nonsense Muscle Building”, but what he is actually selling is packaged as a “Hardgainers Success Kit”. The success kit includes:

1. No Nonsense Muscle Building ebook

2. The 29 Week Beginner-Intermediate Intensive Workout Plan

3. The 29 Week Advanced Max Power Workout Plan

4. The Empowered Nutrition "Healthy" Meal Plans

5. Insane Virtual Exercise Demonstrator

6. The Metabolic Growth Calculator

7. The Supplement Watch Files

8. The Unforgivable Bodybuilding Sins Audio Expose

9. Instant 24/7 Fitness

10. Unlimited Updates

11. Upside Down Training

12. No-Nonsense Muscle Building DVD

13. No-Nonsense Private Member Zone

If you buy his Power upgrade, you get these additional bonuses:

1. Insane Cutting" Upgrade #1 -No Nonsense Fat Cutting Book

2. The No-Nonsense iPod Upgrade Upgrade #2 - The Entire Book in MP3 Format Audio.

3. The Empowered Nutrition Upgrade #3 - A complete set of CHEAP mass meal plans. Four, unique, 84 day eating plans ranging from 2,500 calories to 5,500.

4. The Empowered Nutrition Upgrade #4 - A complete set of VEGGIE mass meal plans. Three different 84 day plans ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 calories.

5. 100% Unlimited Email Coaching! Upgrade #5. Email Vince anytime with questions or even motivational help.

This is the package I have…now I’m not going to B.S. you…this isn’t cheap! The whole package costs $127!

According to clickbank, No Nonsense is the #1 rated muscle program on the internet, and after accessing the membership area, I can see why. On his membership site, Vince gives you plenty of instruction and info. Now I’m probably not supposed to show you this, but here’s screen shots Vince DelMonte’s Product Access Membership Area.

The first nav bar link under the home link is your access to the Private Muscle Building Member Zone. This forum (as of this writing) has 1695 threads, 7427 posts and 5436 members. The threads cover such topics as: Beginners Questions & Tips; Muscle Building Workouts & NNMB Program Questions; Which program should you be using; Muscle Building Program Reviews; Exercises; Body Weight Training; Cardio Training; Bulking/Cutting; Muscle Building Nutrition; Fat Loss Nutrition; Critique My Workout; Critique My Physique; 12-Week Transformation Contestants and many more topics.

No-Nonsense Muscle Building DVD is an access page is where you can watch over four hours of instruction. The page gives you a choice of either watching the videos locally with a QuickTime Plug-in or you can just stream them online. This DVD is SO complete that you could ALMOST get away with just watching the DVD and not reading the No Nonsense Muscle Building ebook, but you would be missing out on a lot of information so I STRONGLY recommend reading the book and then watching the DVD.

Clicking this link brings you to the No-Nonsense Muscle Building e-book downloading page. This Step-By-Step Program is loaded with unconventional training methods and proven techniques that allow you to safely, quickly and effectively transform your body to any level of muscularity and any level of conditioning that you desire.

This book is easy to read, straight to the point, concise and contains the “core” of Vince’s knowledge. Take a look at the e-books table of contents:

No Nonsense Muscle Building

Vince debated long and hard on whether to call this book “Skinny Guy Secrets...” or “Average Guy Secrets...” The reality is that building muscle is building muscle, so this program and system will work for anybody. Young or old. Male or female. Skinny or chubby. But since he used to be a former ‘skinny guy’ himself, his inspiration to write the book was a result of wanting to help as many skinny guys - I mean, hard gainers - as possible!

Not wanting to leave the ladies out, this link leads to a download page for the No-Nonsense Body Shaping E-book. Vince runs a Personal Training Department of 14 full-time Personal Trainers (and growing). Over the last few years he has been doing ‘in-the-trenches’ research on trainees ranging from the ages of 14-75 years and has been able to measure client results every step of the way and compile pages of useful data. This ebook complies all his knowledge (along with Shannon Clark) and ‘real-world results’ into a book that encompasses his female body shaping system.

By clicking the next two links, you can download either a man or woman’s fat cutting e-book. This special fat loss report will unlock all the secrets you need for maximum fat loss, which in turn will lead you to a lean and shredded physique: 5-6% body fat for males and 10-12% body fat for females!

Man or a woman’s upside down training!? What is upside down training you ask? This training is one of the unique components of Vince’s program. Upside down training will address your bodies muscle imbalances, preparing you for the more advanced routines. Think of it as a “tune-up” for your body.

This is a completely individualized program, tailored to either a male or female, to eliminate any potential injuries and lay a rock solid foundation to jump start your muscle growth. These links will take you to a page where you can download the Upside Down Training Printable Workout Sheets.

Man or a woman’s 29 week beginner to intermediate workout program. Vince tells you exactly what to do week by week in this easily followed PDF file. You will perform three different full body workouts each week. Every three weeks you will change ONLY the sets, reps and rest periods. The exercise order and routines remain the same.

Man or a woman’s 29 week advanced max power workout program. This program uses “giant sets”. A giant set is a technique and a Weider Principle were you do a series of 3 to 4 exercises - with little or no rest in between - for one muscle group. The series are repeated 3 to 4 times. This technique leads to an incredible muscle pump. Once again Vince lays it all out in an Advanced Max-Power Workout Sheets - PDF file.

Man or a woman’s metabolic calculator. This page has a link leading to a calorie calculator. Just enter your plan (maintenance, cutting, bulking etc.), sex, bodyweight, body fat, and activity level, and it calculates your target calories per day on exercise and non-exercise days.

Man or a woman’s No Nonsense Muscle Building MP3 Audio Course. 17 MP3s that follow the 10 chapters from the No Nonsense Muscle Building e-book. I put these on my iPod and listen while driving to work.

The Unforgivable Sins Audio MP3. You will learn to side step the suicide training errors that almost all hard gainers make. Put it in your iPod and listen while you workout.

Don’t know how to perform a certain exercise? This cool virtual trainer will demonstrate the exercise for you! Just click on a muscle group, choose an exercise, and the virtual trainer will show you exactly how to do it with animated and written instructions.

Healthy Mass Meal Plans for men and women. Five, 84 day healthy mass meal plans. This is where hard gainers make a mistake…you must eat to grow huge! The mass plans are broken down by the number of calories you should be consuming each day based on your body weight. A huge, 99 page PDF file.

Cheap Mass Meal Plans for men and women. Same as the Healthy Mass Meal Plans pdf, except it lists substitute foods for lifters with limited budgets.

Veggie Meal Plans for men and women. Can you really build muscle eating vegetarian? This 99 page PDF file will show you how, but you must eat diary.

Recommended Supplements for Men & Women. A resource to help you choose and locate the supplements and brands that Vince has had success with in the past and recommends to his clients, customers and readers.

Instant 24/7 Fitness coach. Basically a FAQ page with all kinds of questions and Vince’s answers. This page really needs a search box.


Wow, lots of info on the member’s only website. Vince leaves no stone unturned in the quest for muscle. No wonder No Nonsense Muscle Building is the #1 best-selling skinny guy muscle building program on the Internet (as ranked by

Think $77 to $127 (for the complete program) is too much money? Let me ask you this: how much did you spend last month on supplements that didn’t do sh!t for your physique? The AVERAGE bodybuilder spends $150 a month on supps, so $127 bucks for Vince’s complete program is a steal!.

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BONUS: As usual on this website I like to over deliver: If you buy the No Nonsense Muscle Building program from any link on this page, I'll email you links to 16 ebooks I have compiled on bodybuilding related topics. Just use my contact form and send me your name and Clickbank receipt number. These ebooks are:

  • Max OT workout
  • Workout Log Version 1
  • Workout Log Version 2
  • Free Supplement Review Guide
  • Gameover (BB cutting diet plan)
  • Increase Testosterone
  • Full Body Dumbbell workout
  • Top 20 Ways to Screw Up in the Gym
  • 4-fitness ebooks (Contains exercises you never heard of)
  • Best Arm Exercises You Never Heard Of
  • Nautilus Bulletin #1 by Arthur Jones
  • West Side 4 Barbell
  • Random Dumbbell Intervals
  • Top Ten Muscle Building Recipes
  • Armed Power. Build Bigger Biceps
  • Lean Body Nutrition Secrets

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