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Fatgripz Review

Thick bar training has numerous benefits, which I have already written about on this page. If you have surfed around on my website, you know I like homemade equipment. On my homemade equipment page, as of this writing, I have links to 35 pieces of homemade equipment!

The problem with my homemade fatbar dumbbell handles is once you convert the bar you won't be able to quickly change it back. Why would you want to change it back?

rogue power rack

Being able to convert a barbell or dumbbell from a fat bar to a normal grip in seconds is the biggest advantage of fatgripz over homemade versions.

Fat Gripz slide over almost any standard barbell, dumbbell, chin up bar or cable attachment, or exercise machine handle instantly converting them into thick bars.

I've found that I'll use a fatgripz on my first few sets and once I'm on my last couple of sets, I'll strip them off and the amount of weight I'm lifting feels lighter (even though I've upped the weight on the last few sets). Maybe this is just mind over matter but who cares!

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fat gripz
Fat gripz

Fatgripz are 2 1/4" diameter, where as my homemade thick bar is 1 7/8" and my thick DB's are 2". If you wear Newgrips weight lifting gloves while gripping fatgripz, you increase the diameter by another 1/4".


  • They are small, light and fully portable so you can take them with you to train anywhere
  • Very high quality, totally solid on the bar even for heavy benching, and will probably last forever (you've got to hold a pair to see how solid they are).
  • Cost effective: Much cheaper than buying a thick bar.
  • The first thing you notice is the durability; you could run these over with your car and they'd still retain their shape and thickness!
  • They start working from your very FIRST workout with them and you can literally feel them working.
  • You don't even need to do any extra sets, reps or exercises, simply incorporate them into your routine.
  • Utilizing a wider grip, you'll feel less strain in your wrists, elbows and forearms.
  • Fat Gripz are being used by thousands of athletes and military around the world for weight lifting, strength training and powerlifting, including members of the US Special Forces, teams in the NFL/MLB/NHL, top MMA fighters and top bodybuilders.


  • They need a little breaking in when you first get them and are kind of hard to get around a barbell/dumbbell, but once broken in they are easier to get on.
  • Some lifters complain they can feel the opening of the fatgripz in their palms.
  • If you're sweating a lot they can be kind of slippery to grip.
  • Cost: $40 per pair but, how much $ do you spend on supplements each month?
  • You can use wrap towels around the bar, but that becomes a distraction. You're worried about keeping the jury-rigged item on the bar, rather than focusing on the movement.
  • On certain exercises (rows, deadlift), you will have to decrease your normal poundage's, a blow to your ego! Some people like to temporarily drop the weight as their grip builds up. But that's a good sign because it shows just how much your grip was holding you back. Your grip will quickly build up and then you'll be stronger than ever.

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Check out this Fatgripz Review:

"I wanted a chance to use the FAT GRIPZ before I responded. I started to use them the day they arrived. I work out in my home gym so I got several pair so I was not constantly changing them. I am lucky because my wife puts up with my passion for working out and has allowed me to build a pretty sophisticated gym in the garage. Of course it is no longer a garage but "The Gym".

A little about myself; I am 63 and retired. I have been working out for over thirty years five of which was at Gold's Gym in Venice. Through the years I have learned that working out is a period of adjusting to your body, ailments, age and your physical limitations. It is also a continuous learning process, but the basics still beat the hell out of everything else.

Currently I am 6'2" and weigh 240 at a body fat rate of 9%. I have found that using FAT GRIPZ is a tremendous boost to my training program. I have tried other methods of increasing the bar thickness but was never successful. When I was younger I did go to a gym that had the fat bars and dumbbells but because of the discomfort and ego because your lifts do go down I did not use them. What a mistake!

The first night I used them I noticed an immediate burn in my forearms but did not experience the pain in my wrist that I normally have. Using the FAT GRIPZ forced me to straighten my wrist and not have the normal strain on them. This did surprise me and was a very welcome surprise.

Another advantage of the FAT GRIPZ is that it really makes you concentrate on your lift. I always thought that I was doing this but upon using the grips I realized my concentration was not anywhere close to being correct. There is no doubt in my mind that anybody using these grips faithfully will make some excellent gains in all their lifts. Not only will your strength increase but size as well. If someone my age can make some gains in such a short period of time just think what it can do for people in their prime. Also, I do not use any performance enhancing drugs but do believe in proper supplementation. The gains are real and possible for anyone.

I tried doing lateral raises with the FAT GRIPZ and found them to be a lot more effective. It made it almost impossible to cheat and I really felt the burn. As you can see I really like the FAT GRIPZ and feel everybody including both sexes can benefit from their use.

I would recommend a minimum of two pairs. The reason is that super setting with the FAT GRIPZ becomes cumbersome. At the price it is a cheap investment.

If you are willing to put your ego on the back burner you can make some great gains and really surprise yourself.

You have a great product and I hope people take advantage of it."


Carl J. Collins


fatgripz testimonials
fatgripz testimonials
fatgripz testimonials

How They Fit

Fatgripz Review
Fatgripz Review

The pic above was taken from the fatgripz website. That has to be a standard bar shown because this is what fatgripz look like on my equipment:

Fatgripz Review
Fatgripz Review

Thats looks like a BIG gap, but you don't really notice it while lifting. I was surprised that the Ironmaster dumbbell handle was thicker than my Olympic bar:

Fatgripz Review

This pic shows fatgripz on my Olympic bar on the top, and a standard EZ curl bar on the bottom.


Fatgripz are a simple and cost effective product. For $40 you get an accessory that you can use to improve grip strength by simply incorporating them into your normal routine, which in my book is a pretty good deal.

Buy Fatgripz HERE

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