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Bodybuilding Exercise Instruction

There are so many exercises you can do for every body part. You can search the internet for videos; buy books showing you correct form, etc. The information is overwhelming to say the least.

Some websites have written bodybuilding exercise instructions, but videos actually show you how to do a particular exercise.

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I've compiled a few videos that will show you how to do more exercises than you'll ever need. First, learn the correct way to do the compound exercises (compound exercises bring multiple muscles into play):



Bench Press:

The next series of links demonstrate mostly isolation exercises. To help you to see where the muscles are located on the body, here's a free PDF anatomy chart.


Biceps: (biceps brachii) The bicep comprises 40% of the upper arm. The main function of the bicep is to move the forearm towards the shoulder. The secondary function of the bicep is to rotate the wrist.

Bicep exercises

Triceps: (triceps brachii) The triceps muscle is comprised of three separate heads. Together they make up 60% of the upper-arm muscle mass. If you want bigger arms, work the triceps hard. The main function of the triceps is to straighten the arm and bring it down toward the body.

Tricep exercises

Forearms: (brachioradialis) The forearms are comprised of the Brachioradialis, the Wrist Flexors and the Forearm Flexors. Forearm and grip strength are essential to being able to train hard and heavy. You need to develop the forearms right from the very beginning of your training.

Forearm exercises


Lats: (latissimus dorsi) are the large muscles on either side of the back. Their primary function is to pull the arm down towards the pelvis. When the arm is stable, the lats act to lift the body up towards the shoulders. The lats also help stabilize the torso during many pressing movements.

Lat exercises

Traps: (trapeziusl) are long, trapezoid-shaped muscles that run down the upper portion of the spine. Bringing the shoulder blades together, putting the shoulder blades down, and shrugging the shoulders up are the main functions of these muscles.

Traps exercises


Pecs: (pectoralis) These muscles attach near the shoulder joint and originate on the breastbone in the center of the chest. The fibers of these muscles run across the entire chest region. The pecs serve to bring the arm across the chest and to move it forward in the shoulder socket.

Chest exercises


Calves: (gastrocnemius) The calf muscle originates behind the knee and attaches to the heel with the Achilles tendon. Its primary function is to raise the heel off the ground.

Calve exercises

Glutes: (gtuteus maximus) These muscles originate along the pelvic bone and attach to the back of the upper leg. Extending the hip is their primary function.

Glute exercises

Hamstrings: (biceps femoris) These muscles originate just underneath the glutes. Their primary function is to bring the heel towards the buttocks and to move the leg to the rear.

Hamstring exercises

Quads: (quadriceps) Located on the anterior of the thigh, the main function of these powerful muscles is to support the upper body during a squatting movement.

Quad exercises


Delts: (deltoids) Composed of three muscles (anterior, lateral, and posterior heads), the delts provide total mobility to the shoulder joint in all directions. These muscles play a vital rote in the majority of upper-body exercises, including chest and shoulder presses. The main function of the deltoid is to move the arm away from the body.

Delt exercises


Abs: (rectus abdominis) This muscle group consists of: The rectus abdominus (the visible portion of the abs), which brings the rib cage toward the pelvis. The obliques (muscles at the waist), which rotate the torso and stabilize the abdomen, and the transverse abdominus (muscle that supports the spine), which stabilizes the torso.

Ab exercises

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