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Burn Machine Speed Bag Review

Burn Machine Speed Bag review and video by buffbrown21

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Durability: 5 out of 5

Fun factor (subjective): 5 out of 5

Price: 3.5 out of 5 (but probably worth full price for me)

Portability: 5 out of 5


I REALLY like this piece. It's easy to use in a circuit/interval type workout and is clearly great for arm endurance. This is great for martial artists, boxers, etc.

Again, the BEST thing to me about this is it can be taken pretty much anywhere (throw it in a gym bag/suitcase) for a fun/different type of cardio workout.

If you watched the video, a complaint was that paint chips were flaking off the Burn Machine.

Flaking paint issue resolved:

I received a call from the Chief Operating Officer of the Burn Machine today, while I was going to lunch. He was returning my call from yesterday, but he said that he also saw this review.

He said that what I am seeing scrape off is paint from the interior. He said this was a problem only in the older 4lb red models and that they have changed some things and this has not been a problem since then.

In regards to the lubricating, he said that it CAN be done when necessary (if it isn't rotating as smoothly). However, he has used a 12lb one 3x a week for 15 months and said it has not been lubricated, nor does it need to be yet.

I was very impressed to receive a call from the COO of the company and that obviously gives me a lot of confidence in the customer service of the company. So, regarding customer service, I give them a 5 out of 5. Just this alone makes me tempted to purchase the barbell and give it a go as well.


Brand new and factory sealed!

The Intermediate Speed Bag is perfect for enhancing cardio-aerobic conditioning and toning muscles. This is the smallest "go-anywhere" model for a workout on the go. It works perfect while sitting or standing. It can also accommodate the specific needs of individuals in physical rehabilitation programs and in wheelchairs.

burn machine
burn machine

This model is a perfect machine for the beginner, or as a starting point in any physical therapy rehabilitation program.

The Intermediate Speed Bag is 8 lbs. in weight. This may not sound like a lot of weight, but it offers a workout that packs a punch! It is not the weight so much that offers the workout, but it is the mechanics of the workout.

This light-weight Speed Bag is perfect for men and women, teens, baby-boomers or anyone starting out an upper body regime. The ease of use, and basically non-existent risk of injury with such a light-weight machine makes it a perfectly versatile machine for the whole family. It works great in groups of 5 or more when incorporated in a steps aerobics or martial arts class that needs the "added bonus" of a light-weight performance tool.

Comes with the Burn Machine Exercise Reference DVD and an exercise demonstration poster.



Brand new and factory sealed!

With the same features and benefits as the Intermediate Speed Bag, the Professional Speed Bag offers more challenging weight resistance. This model is designed for those who have experience with lifting weights or for those in advanced martial arts and other upper body sports.

burn machine
burn machine

It is 12 lbs. in weight, but its not the weight so much that offers the workout, but it is the mechanics of the workout. This model offers the buyer a very challenging and unique workout. Not only does it incorporate all of the upper body and core strengthening attributes of the lighter model, but the added weight also creates a heightened aerobic and recruiting type workout which is much more challenging to the average person.

A recruiting type of workout means calling on all aspects of core strength, agility, and aerobic muscle groups, as well as a keen sense of coordination and endurance. This machine is for those who are serious about getting to the next level in any level of fitness. It is the next step up after mastering the 8 lb. Burn Machine, which is excellent to switch to when lighter training is needed.

Comes with the Burn Machine Exercise Reference DVD and an exercise demonstration poster.



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