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Q: Barry Thanks for the tip on the home made t-bar row set up. I got mine up and running this morning. I have a smith machine not a power cage but it works just the same. It's awesome. Today is my chest day but I can't wait till I do back tomorrow and give it a try. Thanks again man your website is off the chain.

rogue power rack

A: Thanks for the compliment! One thing you might look out for with this homemade T-bar row set up is sometimes when your lifting heavy, you can move the whole power rack if it's not weighted down. I took care of this by bracing my power rack against a weight rack like this:

t bar


Q: Barry, very helpful web site. I set up my home gym last year. One suggestion: Try adding an infrared sauna to your home gym set up. Local craigslist is the best source. One 20-minute session in a sauna can burn 600 calories and detoxify your body. Google it. Let me know what you think. Keep up the good work.

A: Thanks for the tip! I could never breathe in a steam sauna. I didn't even know so called dry saunas existed! I tried an infrared sauna and I had no problems breathing, and I can stay in longer, not to mention I sweat like a pig! I've added one to my home gym and here's my review.

Q: What are your thoughts on NO xplode? Is it best just to take regular creatine instead?

A: Pros: Good pumps, boost in stamina, increase in strength and energy, veins popping out (vascularity), and an increased ability to focus.

Cons: Mild to severe headaches (especially if you don't drink enough water), diarrhea, sexual dysfunction, increased tension, increased blood pressure, chest pain, can induce panic attacks, trouble sleeping and my wallet got very thin, very fast with nothing to show for it.

N.O.-Xplode should not be taken lightly. With a long list of side effects and warnings, this product is simply not safe for most anyone considering it. While it may build muscle and enhance workouts, it is certainly not worth the risks involved for a slightly more fit physique. This is the epitome of obsessive bodybuilding—sacrificing health and safety for more muscle. 

Q: Wow man, ive just finished going through your whole site and I must say im impressed. I've been doing quite a bit of research over the internet trying to find ways to better myself in my weightlifting experience and this is the first one I've seen that's posted by an actual everyday working lifter.

My biggest question is for the past 2 years I've been going on and off about lifting. I'm a big boy (220lbs and 6'1) and I just cant find a rhythm that I can stay in. I'll go for a month or so hitting it hard and just quit. Any advice on how to try to get myself into a groove that would help keep me going?

I run everyday, anywhere from a half mile to a full mile. I do full body workouts 2-3 times a week doing bench press, squat, curls, and pull-ups. I do my workouts mainly around 6-7ish cause with my work schedule its about all the time I have.

For my bench I do 3 sets of 20; squats, 5 sets of 25; curls, 5 sets of 25; and pull-ups I do 3 sets of 5. When I actually get started working out I can go for as long as I want, but sometimes I just put it off, then the next thing I know I'm out of rhythm and not working out anymore.

Also I have some questions about dieting guidelines. What sort of things should I be more focused on eating? I know portions come into play a lot and what would u guess correct portions would be? Its most appreciated if you would get back with me so I can try to progress my lifting stage. Thanks.

A: If you want to add muscle, you might want to cut back on the running. Short intense cardio sessions, like interval sprinting, will preserve the muscle you've added. Also, I would work out one body part per session, instead of the full body workout you are doing. It's easier to concentrate your efforts on one body part.

Max OT is something you should look into. Max-OT stresses the importance of the 4-6-rep range. If you have any questions about Max OT, let me know.

How's your diet? Do you eat enough protein? Some people (myself included) believe diet and rest are 80% of bodybuilding. At your body weight, you should be eating at least 300 grams of protein per day, every day. 300 grams is roughly 10 chicken breasts a day! Very hard to do without supplementation.

Q: Superb review of the Ironmaster Super Bench. One question. When doing decline sit-ups, is it difficult to get into position? Seems like it would be, since there is nothing to hold onto while maneuvering into sit-up position. Thank you.

A: On the super bench review page, the second photo shows the bench with the crunch attachment. This attachment has a handle that you hold onto so you can get your legs into position. Even so, when the bench is almost vertical, it's still hard to get into position, but at regular decline angles, there's no problem.

Q: I like your web site. Probably most weight trainers work out at home. I also have the Ironmaster Bench w/accessories. How do you store them so neatly in your gym?

A: Thanks for the compliment. I store most of my accessories using slatwall panels. Slatwall hangers don't fall out when removing an accessory like peg board hangers sometimes do. The attachments for my Ironmaster super bench are hung on the wall using garden tool hangers found at Home Depot:


Q: First of all, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to put such a great website together, you have done a great job at it. This site was so informative to me and I am sure many others as well. I will be passing the link to your website to my many friends and family.

I love working out at home also, but I seem to have a problem coming up with new routines, I like to work out 4-5 days a week, isolating certain muscle groups, I usually train in the 8-12 rep range and would like to put together other workouts to be able to switch to. My question is how often should I change these routines and should I employ a low weight high rep routine in every now and again, I am 5'5" and weigh 155 lbs., I am looking to pack on a little bit more size and cut up, any suggestions?

A: Thanks for the compliments about my web site. Coming up with new routines is a challenge for most lifters. I've found this digital magazine with 101 workouts from beginner to advanced to be quite handy:

This magazine is only $7.50 (US), and worth the money. I try to stick with a new routine for at least 8 weeks. It's important that you take measurements and photos before you start a new routine, so after eight weeks you'll be able to tell if its working or not.

If your looking to add size, Max OT is something you should look into. Max-OT stresses the importance of the 4-6-rep range. Sign up for the free course. I'm on the first eight weeks of the course, and plan on sticking with it. If you have any questions about Max OT, let me know.

Q: Hi I like your site a lot and think it’s very useful and I was wondering if you have any recommendations as a good home gym for like a Christmas present and around $300-$400. I’ve tried getting a home gym in the past but my basement ceiling is only about 7ft tall. Also I can never really have anyone lift with me so I have looked at those independent benches, what are you thoughts on those? Last thing I’m looking to gain muscle fast like everyone else and get some definition, what would be the best way for that? ( extra protein and such....)

A: Thanks for your question. First thing you need is a basic $299 power rack, especially since your lifting alone. The body solid rack is only 82" high, so it should fit in your basement (make sure you measured your basement ceiling right). Next buy a cheap Olympic weight set for around $100 dollars at any sporting good store. These two items should get you off to a good start. When you can afford it, buy a decent bench. Make sure it's a FID (Flat Incline Decline) bench. Check local garage sales or craigslist.

If you are looking to gain muscle, get the book Starting Strength (2nd edition) by Mark Rippetoe. Follow this book and drink a gallon of milk a day and you'll gain muscle weight.

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