Egg Whites International Review

In my February newsletter I wrote:" Proteins are the building blocks of lean muscle mass. Without it, building muscle and burning fat efficiently would be impossible. Researchers have discovered that the protein needs of weight lifters are greater than sedentary people (go figure)".

On my nutritional guidelines page I recommended bodybuilders consume between 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight, evenly split across your meals. Most likely you will eat three out of six meals away from home (assuming you're employed these days). Remembering to bring enough protein with you every day is a challenge, so I like to stock my desk drawers and the company refrigerator with portable protein.

Even at home I'm always looking for convenient protein sources, and I found one here: Egg Whites International.


Egg whites are 100% pure liquid egg whites, just as if you cracked and separated them yourself at home. They are pasteurized to avoid salmonella. There are no additives or preservatives, no artificial ingredients or food colorings.

They make great omelets and scrambled eggs. Because the yolk is gone, so are the fat and the cholesterol. Therefore, the eggs tend to be fluffier and healthier without the yolk. They also make great smoothies and protein shakes, thanks to the pasteurization process that has eliminated the salmonella threat from drinking raw egg whites; they will last indefinitely while frozen.

But don’t take my word for it, check out all these testimonials, then read what this bodybuilder has to say about egg whites:

Deserusan's Egg Whites International Review

What's the perfect supplement combination to get big and ripped? You have all asked this question numerous times and probably wasted a lot of money in the pursuit of trying to perfect your physiques.

The reasons your hard earned money was wasted and you didn't get the results you wanted was probably two fold. One, your expectations of supplements is too high. As matter of discourse, the second factor is almost sure to follow. Your diet probably wasn't anywhere near where it should be.

Now don't get me wrong, I work for a supplement company and am certainly using them myself. However, I've noticed a growing trend of supplement users relying WAY too much on supplements without effectively evaluating their diets.

When it really comes down to it, your supplements will not work without well planned diet and your journey to get big and ripped will be fraught with disappointment after disappointment without addressing this issue.

As a bodybuilder, I'm always trying to find a good balance between the times spent dedicated to achieving my physique aspirations and being a "normal" person. No one likes spending hours on end preparing food and I certainly don't either.

I also don't like cleaning up a bunch of dishes but that's a different story. Finding quick and easy to prepare foods which meet my nutritional demands is a bit of a struggle but fortunately, I have found at least one product which has been a big help.

Egg Whites International egg whites were essential during my contest preparation this past summer and fall. The reason being, I was on a high protein low carbohydrate diet and my protein requirements were through the roof at almost 400 grams per day. There is only so much chicken, fish, and red meat I could eat a day and eggs are something I love to eat.

However, with constantly being on the go and having an extra hour of cardio to complete in the mornings time became a premium. This is why I turned to the reputable egg white product from Egg Whites International.

Most mornings I didn't even cook them but actually drank them. Some of you are probably thinking that is gross and even dangerous because of bacterial contamination synonymous with raw eggs. However, there are no worries with pasteurized egg whites and believe it or not, when cold they are practically tasteless.

I know a few bodybuilders who use pasteurized liquid egg whites as a milk substitute on their cereal as an example. Either way, they are very easily incorporated into numerous commonly used bodybuilding foods like shakes, protein pudding, high protein pancakes, etc.

All in all, I think I've bought over 20 gallons of liquid egg whites this past year. The customer service provided by Egg Whites International has been exceptional.

For example, I bought the pump which accompanies the large containers and lost a part to it once. They happily sent me a couple free of charge which I thought was pretty cool. This is actually why I am writing this unsponsored review. Good customer service goes a long way with me and definitely influences my brand loyalty.

I know some of you out there are probably thinking, "they are expensive" and compared to raw eggs you can pick up in the grocery store they can seem pricey. In some ways you are correct.

However, the time and effort you save with these to me is worth the cost. I spend enough time in the kitchen and so saving a few minutes here or there when it comes to properly preparing foods or cleaning is something I'm always looking for.

Also, we all know that consistency in sticking to a strict diet is key to cutting for a competition. I can honestly say the ease of this product helped me stay consistent even in the most trying times when cravings were absolutely out of control. The reason being, you can easily add artificial calorie free food flavorings to the egg whites with ease. While it may not seem ideal, it does give the mind a mental break on a diet with very low carbohydrates.

Egg Whites International egg whites most certainly were a useful dietary tool in helping me prepare for my first bodybuilding competition (placed 2nd) and drop 74lbs in the process.

Overall, there is no doubt Egg Whites International egg whites are extremely cost effective with respect to the time and effort saved from preparation and cleaning up.

Furthermore, the optional pump is very convenient as well. I recommend these to anyone who eats a lot of eggs or someone looking to tune up their diet a bit without having to spend an exorbitant time on preparation and cleaning up. I'm pretty sure we can all agree even saving a few minutes in the morning before rushing to work can be a godsend.

I would also like to reiterate that Egg Whites International has excellent customer service and is willing to go the extra mile in assuring that you are satisfied. In a nutshell, I'm and very happy with Egg Whites International and will continue using their products with great satisfaction.


I've found out for myself that everything he wrote about is true! I'm also a satisfied customer.

These egg whites are even cheaper than the egg beaters brand at Wal-mart. I usually order the two half gallon containers for $40 shipped. Each half gallon container is 7 dozen eggs, so two containers are 168 eggs. Do the math and each egg costs .24 cents (rounded off). The egg beaters brand is 20 eggs for $6 (including tax), for a price per egg of .30 cents. Order the gallon size from Egg Whites International and save even more per egg!

Order two, half gallons along with the pump and check out Egg Whites International for yourself. They are a great tasting way to meet your daily requirement of protein.

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