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Fast Muscle Mass Building Part 1


Article and video by Wiggy.

I know a lot of you probably read all the latest "muscle rags" out there - you know, the magazines that cover professional bodybuilding and have all the pros' fast muscle mass building routines in them.

Hate to tell you this...but your magazines completely suck.

Trust me - I know it's tough to hear. I used to read 'em all, too. Hell, I think I once bought every single issue of "Flex" magazine from the local bookstore, grocery store, or wherever for like close to 3 years straight.

I mean, if you're into the bodybuilding scene, who doesn't want to read all about their favorite pros' mass building workout, tips, and look into their bag of tricks on how they get so big, ripped for shows, or that crazy peak on their biceps?

There's just one minor problem - the articles are complete crap.

And I don't mean that they're low quality or whatever...I mean the articles are just outright lies. In fact, those articles you just read that you thought was by your favorite pro...wasn't.

rogue power rack

Here's how it works:

The pros all sign some sort of endorsement deals. And those endorsement deals are usually with muscle mass supplement companies. These deals usually say that the "likeness" (pics or whatever) of said pro can be used however the supplement company wants.

Well, most of the supplement companies are in bed with the bodybuilding magazines. So what they do is go out and hire people to write articles and routines and then put your favorite pros' pics and name to the article making you think he wrote it.

It's called ghost writing. And it happens all the time.

Besides, think about it logically for a second - do you really think that a pro would give away all his training "secrets"? That'd be like Bill Belichick selling the New England Patriots' playbook on eBay (sorry Patriot fans).

Then there's the simple fact that the workouts in the articles - no matter *who* wrote them - are usually so volume heavy that you'd need your own personal pharmacy full of drugs to ever make any real muscle mass gains on them.

What you need is *real* muscle training information, designed by a *real* strength coach, designed to get *real* results, for *real* people...not some fake, over-glorified ad in a magazine.

That's why you should check out Fast Muscle Mass Building right now or continue on to Part 2.


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