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Ben Pakulski MI40 Review

The more you know, the more you grow!

If you're like me you have a good chunk of $ invested in your home gym. Do you know the best way to use all of this expensive equipment? If your answer is yes, read on because I thought I knew how to use it properly too.

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I have plenty of workouts on this page from personal trainers and online experts, but I found an ebook/video course by Benjamin Pakulski that I found very interesting.

Ben came up with MI40 Mass Proportions system that helped him become one of the top 15 ranked pro bodybuilders in the world. The same system that has landed him on dozens of magazine covers such as Muscular Development, Flex, MuscleMag and many more...

mi40 ben flex mag

OK let's get this out of the way right now ... Ben is a pro and takes steroids. You can't compete for the title of Mr. Olympia without them. The MI40 training program will work for you even without taking steroids.

Ben Pakulski MI40 Review

The goal of MI40 is to teach you how to create the MAXIMUM amount of tension in your muscles. Weights are irrelevant. If we can increase tension and torque in the working muscle without increasing the actual weight, we grow equally as well and minimize chance of injury from uncontrolled heavy weight and improper movements.

MI40 is based on what is becoming known as the "magic number!" ...40 days, 40 minute workouts, 40 second sets, 40-second rest periods, 40 best exercises.

40 days (6 weeks) has been scientifically proven to be the optimal amount of time to adapt to any training program for maximal effect before moving on to another training program.

After 45 minutes of intense training, the body starts to inhibit anabolic hormones (GROWTH!) and the ratio of catabolic (muscle break down) hormones increases.

The 40 exercises are what Ben deems to be the BEST exercises for each body part.

Forty seconds is just enough time to allow your muscle to replenish its energy stores to allow you to continue weight training.

A set should last 40 seconds because it has been proven that ideal Time Under Tension for muscular growth is between 40-70 seconds. To stay on the low end of this, ensures you will be working a greater percentage of fast-twitch muscle fiber and using a greater overall load.

MI40 Rep Speed

A 4-0-1-0 tempo on a bench press (pushing exercise) would look like this:

4 seconds to lower

0 second pause at the bottom

1 second to press the weight

0 second pause at the top

That equals 5 seconds per rep -- 8 reps per set equals 40 seconds per set!

Webmaster's Note

Nothing new here. The rep tempo of 4-0-1-0 (with a 4 second negative) is nothing new...sounds like HIT (high intensity training) training to me...keep reading.

MI40 NOS Sets

NOS = Neurological Overload Sets (means muscle overload) How? Start the set with a weight that you can use for a strict 8 repetitions. After completing your first 8 repetitions, decrease the weight by 20% (if you're using 100lbs, you would decrease by 20lbs, etc.)

Immediately continue to perform as many repetitions as you can with the second weight (usually 5-8 reps). Repeat this process 4 times in total (you will complete 3 drops, therefore 4 'sets' --100,80,60,40lbs). NOTE: It is extremely important to note that there must not be longer than 10 seconds between decreasing weight increments -- any longer will negate the NOS process.

Webmaster's Note

Hmmm, sounds like ordinary drop sets to me, but he calls them Neurological Overload Sets. Whatever!

So far there's really nothing new about the Ben Pakulski MI40 system. It's basically repackaged techniques that you can find anywhere online, right?


There's over 6 hours of video instructions on how to properly execute exercises for every body part. I have access to these videos and really want to show you one, but I'm too honest, so below are some screen shots.

Think you know how to properly perform a lying leg curl? From the MI40 videos:

  1. Thrust your pelvis into the pad. Your knees should be slightly off of the bench
  2. At the start of the rep, keep your toes pointed directly toward the floor. (pic below shows the end of the rep)
  3. PROP YOUR UPPER BODY UP OFF OF THE BENCH! When you hold on to the handles you have a tendency to pull with your hands which makes your butt rise up which shortens your hamstrings. By just raising your upper body, your isolating the hamstrings
  4. The first three steps make this exercise much more difficult by taking away the mechanical advantage. You will have to drop the weight you usually do.
mi40 leg curl

MI40 Intentions

Another way Ben preaches to up the intensity is through what he calls intentions. Let me illustrate this with the bech press:

  1. Keep shoulders back and down
  2. Try to shove your hands inward. This creates tension!
  3. 4 second negative, one second positive or explode up.
mi40 bench press

This technique takes the tension off of the triceps and places it directly on the pecs.


I have had this course for over one month and continue to learn something new every time I watch these videos. I've started to watch them while I'm working out to learn these techniques while actually doing them. It's like Ben is there training me...totally cool!

MI40 is highly recommended!

Buy Yours Here!

P.S. Yes, this course is worth the $, but it's expensive! As usual I like to over deliver: If you buy this course through the link above just contact me with your clickbank receipt and I'll email you a PDF file containing links to 22 ebooks I have compiled on bodybuilding related topics. These ebooks are:

  • Max OT workout
  • Workout Log Version 1
  • Workout Log Version 2
  • Free Supplement Review Guide
  • Gameover (BB cutting diet plan)
  • Increase Testosterone
  • Full Body Dumbbell workout
  • Top 20 Ways to Screw Up in the Gym
  • 4-fitness ebooks (Contains exercises you never heard of)
  • Best Arm Exercises You Never Heard Of
  • Nautilus Bulletin #1 by Arthur Jones
  • West Side 4 Barbell
  • Random Dumbbell Intervals
  • Top Ten Muscle Building Recipes
  • Armed Power. Build Bigger Biceps
  • Lean Body Nutrition Secrets
  • Tri Phase Volume 2 workout
  • Tri Phase Volume 2 workout Log Book
  • Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell review
  • Ironmaster Super Bench review
  • Vince Gironda 8x8 workout
  • Source of the Best Protein Online
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