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Fast Muscle Mass Building Part 4


Article and video by Wiggy.

Lifting without this = NO GAINS

In my last couple of articles, I've been talking about how you should be working out if you want to pack on more muscle mass and get bigger.

Now, as important as your workouts are - and trust me, without the right workouts, you're never going to get any bigger - there is another piece to the puzzle that is just as important:

A Muscle Mass Building Diet!

Simply put, if you're not packing in extra calories by eating enough, you're simply never going to build muscle fast.

Too many trainers, coaches, and self-proclaimed "gurus" try to make gaining weight and losing weight more complicated than it is. In the end, one of the most important factors you have to get right is "calories in vs. calories out".

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What is the one thing you seem to hear most often when people want to lose weight? That they have to burn up more calories than they take in.

Well, guess what - gaining weight is the exact opposite.

If you can never lose weight if you don't burn up more calories than you consume, then you can never gain weight if you never take in more calories than you burn up.

Right about now, I'm sure some of you are worried about gaining too much weight - "If I eat too much, won't I gain fat?" Not if you're working out the way you should.

Doing all that heavy lifting will be breaking your body down, so you can then rest, repair, and grow back bigger and stronger (remember the whole body building more muscle because it's lazy thing?). You can't build back bigger if you're not taking in enough extra calories.

You could be on the most badass muscle-building workout around - even Fast Muscle Mass Building, but without enough extra calories, you won’t get any bigger.

Don't think you have to go nuts, though - or that this gives you license to pig out on junk food. Still keep your diet relatively clean (you can cheat some here and there). Be sure to take in plenty of protein - as it's considered the "building blocks of muscle".

A good rule of thumb is to figure out what you want your target bodyweight to be, and every single day take in 1 gram of protein and carbohydrates and .5 grams of fat for every desired pound of bodyweight.

You can spread the meals out to 4-5/day, or just keep it all in basic three (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) with an added post-workout meal or protein shake.

Pretty simple, really.

And don't forget - just like the right muscle building workout without enough calories won't work, taking in extra calories without a good muscle building workout won't work either.

That's why you should check out Fast Muscle Mass Building right now.

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