VPX Redline Review

by Steelo79

When I first began taking REDLINE the first thing I noticed was the taste. HORRIBLE. Mom's old school trick of holding your nose upon ingestion will NEVER work for this horrid flavor lol, but hey, not everything is gonna be all peaches and creme, and it's a FAT BURNER not a damn apple pie, so I got over it.

VPX suggested the user to take one serving, twice daily. I began with a tad less than one serving, once daily, and allowed myself 4 days to reach the recommended dosage.

Everyone talks about the "shivers" you get when you take the product. I experienced extremely slight coolness in my body, but that was the extent of it. I was also told I'd begin to feel very warm after the shivers ceased. Once again, very slight warmth, but nothing drastic.

The product DID give me extreme amounts of energy, which I loved. People have also claimed that REDLINE is an appetite suppressant. I experienced NO problems or changes in the hunger department while using this product.

On my 2nd day of product usage, I weighed myself twice. At the end of my 2nd day I had lost 1 POUND. I figured this was just water weight so I didn't get too excited about it.

On my 3rd day of product usage, I weighed myself twice again. At the end of the 3rd day I had lost a bit over 2.5 POUNDS TOTAL. This had me extremely enthused, but I was also weary that it may have still been a bit more water weight.

Since then I have gone through 1/2 of a bottle of REDLINE and have experienced NO ADDED WEIGHT LOSS. I never count my body fat %, so I can't tell you how that has changed, but judging by my mirrors, and by the scale, there hasn't been much difference. True, a bit over 2 weeks is not long to judge a product, but SOMETHING has to be wrong if I have not lost ANY added pounds since my 3rd day using this product.

In conclusion, I can ONLY judge by MY experience. as far as I'm concerned the only plus about this product is the energy it gave me, but I feel there are MUCH more healthy (and tasty) ways to go about getting your body more energy. I will finish this bottle to give the product (and my pockets) a fair shot, but judging by my results from the past couple weeks, I WILL NOT BE PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT AGAIN.

I was told to take green tea extract among some other things to fully achieve my fat-loss goals while using this product, but I feel the ONLY way to judge a product's effectiveness is to use it by itself, without the "crutch" of other products.

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