Schiek 1000PLS Weightlifting Straps

The Schiek 1000PLS weightlifting straps power series offers you an ultra-tough design constructed with a strap that's triple-stitched perpendicular to the wrist support for a secure and precise wrap around the bar. It includes a wide, rugged stainless-steel buckle.

Buy the Schiek 1000PLS straps in the HGB STORE

Schiek 1000PLS Weightlifting Straps
  • 1/4-in thick and 2 1/2-in wide plush neoprene wrist support
  • 1 1/2-in wide and 12-in long nylon/acrylic webbing
  • Strap is triple-stitched perpendicular to the wrist support for a secure and precise wrap around the bar
  • 1 1/2-in wide, rugged stainless-steel buckle
  • The velcro at the end of the strap can be quickly secured to the wrist support for exercises where a strap isn't needed
  • Two straps, one for each wrist
  • One size fits all!

Review by "Gym Rat":

I've been using the Schiek 1000 PLS weightlifting straps for 6 yrs. I've gone through a few pair in that time just because they're great for everything. Way better than old school "thru the loop" wraps. People over the years have seen me use them and are amazed after they've tried'em (cause they're used to older style of wraps). The wrist support is great even if u dont need the strap itself. A must have in the gym!

Buy the Schiek 1000PLS straps in the HGB STORE


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