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Rogaine for Men

Rogaine for Men, known generically as minoxidil, has been known for years as the product of choice to treat male pattern baldness and hair loss. Now, generic Rogaine is available through such high quality trusted companies as Kirkland so that more people can afford to treat this frustrating condition.

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How Minoxidil Works

Minoxidil actually belongs to the class of medications known as vasodilators and was originally developed to help lower blood pressure. While testing the medication, researchers discovered an interesting side effect -- hair regrowth! Today, topical minoxidil is the most common treatment recommended by doctors to treat androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness.

It's not entirely known how minoxidil works and why it causes hair to grow. Initially, doctors believed that the vasodilator action of the medication increased the flow of blood around the hair follicles, stimulating them to grow. Other vasodilators did not cause this effect, however, so the exact mechanism remained unclear. Recent research has shown that minoxidil may actually activate a hormone known as PGHS-1, one of the key players in hair growth.

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The Effectiveness of Minoxidil

In research carried out to test the effectiveness of minoxidil, nearly 50 percent of men using the product over the course of a year rated their hair regrowth as moderate to dense. Another 36 percent using the medication over the same period of time reported a minimal amount of hair regrowth. Only about 16 percent said they did not see any improvement.

While the product is called Rogaine for Men, minoxidil has also been tested on women who suffer from hair loss. Physicians conducting the test reported that two-thirds of the women tested showed hair regrowth.

Seeing Results

Hair regrowth doesn't happen overnight. Typically four months of regular treatment with minoxidil is necessary before any effect can be seen (some results may occur after only two months of use). The first sign that the product is working is a slowing down of hair loss. For instance, you may notice less shedding in the shower. When the initial regrowth appears, it will be soft and downy. Over time, if your hair responds to the treatment, your new hair will darken and thicken until it resembles the rest of your hair.

Rogaine Reviews

Consumer reviews on Rogaine in general and Kirkland minoxidil in particular are mostly positive. Kirkland minoxidil is highly rated by consumers, with users reporting small amounts of hair regrowth quickly appearing and becoming denser over time, which is in line with how the medication is intended to work. The ratio of positive to negative reviews easily matches the effectiveness testing reported in studies.

Many customers are not only pleased with the effectiveness of Kirkland minoxidil, but also with the low price. The affordability makes it easier to stick with the product, which helps maintain the hair regrowth and prevent future hair loss. Many people reported that they actually preferred the generic Rogaine to the brand name product.

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kirkland minoxidil
kirkland minoxidil
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