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Power Hooks Review

Power Hooks are the best way to spot and handle dumbbells. Dumbbell training is more intense and concentration is improved. Plus, the psychological benefit of having that "spot" allows you to lift heavier.

rogue power rack

Fits all dumbbell handles, big and small, and can be installed and removed in seconds.


This power hooks review is for the gym-approved style of power hooks, which is the second version. They are held on with a Velcro strap, not pounded onto the dumbbell with a five pound plate like the original power hooks.

Power hook wraps are included. This Velcro strap holds the hook onto the dumbbell. The strap can also be used by itself as a thick grip. This allows for greater grip strength to be developed.


Power hooks work really well on certain exercises, and some not so well. If you are going to fail on a lift, most likely it will be on the negative portion of the lift. Take for instance the DB bench press. The manufacturer of the power hook recommends you place them at the same height as you would a barbell for bench presses. But when you can’t do another rep, the DB’s will be at chest level. If you can’t lift them up to rehook, you are stuck with the same options as normal DBs (sit up with them or drop them to the floor).

When doing the DB bench press with the power hooks attached, occasionally I’ll hit the Olympic bar with the hook if I’m not careful. Even the manufacturer recommends practicing with lighter weight until you get the hang of keeping the hook away from the bar.

Incline DB bench presses were another problem. If you change the degree of incline often, you have to readjust the height of the barbell from which the hooks hang. Decline dummbell bench presses are hard as well...see how this idea solved it.

I’ve found power hooks work really well for shoulder presses and shrugs.


The Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells hanging in the photo are set-up for DB shoulder presses. There set at my shoulder height so I can start the press in the negative phase of the lift. I just walk up to the DB’s and lift them up less than an inch and then begin the exercise. When I fail on the last rep, which is usually in the negative phase of the lift, the DB’s are back at shoulder level so I just step forward and place the hooks back on the Olympic bar.

Power hooks with a spotter is the best combination. The spotter can aid with re-hooking and spot by just grabbing the hooks. But most home lifters don’t have a spotter which is the main reason why these were invented.

Even with the small problems associated with the DB bench press, power hooks are highly recommended if you train alone.

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