Killer free style calf raise in a power rack

I have found a way to do calf raises in a power rack that I've been using for years with super results.

What I do is adjust the safety bars to about shoulder height. Place a weight bar across it, and load the weight you will be using. Put the bar in the middle of the rack.

Get a calf block put that on the floor in the middle of the rack. Snap a Manta Ray squat device onto the middle of the bar.

Carefully duck under the bar while holding onto the vertical uprights that you will be facing and onto the Manta Ray. Slowly lift the bar off the safety bars. Carefully step onto the calf block, all the while holding onto the vertical uprights.

While holding onto the vertical uprights perform your calf raises. When reps are completed, you just replace the bar onto the safety bars. At first It might feel a little awkward, so go slowly and carefully.

If the bar should ever slip off your back the safety bars will prevent any injury or damage. This has not happen to me as of yet.

What I like about doing calf raises this way is that it feels very natural. Remember while you are holding onto the uprights it is meant for balance only, not pulling yourself up.

Well I hope this can help those of you who can't afford a calf machine or have the room for it,such as in my case. If you need clarification on how this is done, request a picture of demonstration.

I do not represent Manta Ray or any subsidiaries of that company.

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Aug 21, 2013
Demo of manta ray calf raises NEW
by: Paul

I think I can picture what you mean with this exercise - very ingenious!

Would like to see a few demo pics though if that's ok to make sure I understand you correctly.



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