Just something simple for your legs and calves and ABS

by Andrew
(Mooresville, NC, USA)

First do every set until failure. If one is all you can do do one.

To warm up the legs use Leg Extensions when in the full contracted state I slap the top of my legs It makes the contraction harder thus increasing blood flow.

Do the First Set as both legs then single legs One set toes in and one with the toes pointing out. rest 45 seconds

Then Leg Press again until Failure again only one set heavy as you can stand for at least two sets as as many as you can safely perform.

Okay here is my trick I do to stretch my Quads and work them at the same time. What I call wall squats.

These are done slowly and very deliberate as to not hurt the knees.

Find a smooth Wall or a solid door that you can lean against. Place your back against the wall with you feet pointed straight ahead about one foot away from the wall. Slowly lower yourself as low as you can ( I go to the basement with these) and push yourself back up never locking your knees. Do at least 25 reps and concentrate on feeling the stretch.

(Notice I don't do traditional Squats because I believe that they are dangerous to perform alone and I work out alone.)

For Hamstrings I do a medium weight and do two sets until failure with leg curls. Seated and Lying both , both legs and then single. At the top of the movement give it a little extra bump and hold for 2 seconds and return.

Stretching the muscle allows it to expand and grow. Anytime you can work the muscle in a contracted state when returning to the non-contracted state be sure to stretch. If I am doing say abs I will place a bed roll directly under my lower back when doing crunches to make sure I get a good. pre-stretch

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