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Homemade Hip Belt Squat

I really love to work out and plan on continuing to do so well into my sixties or longer, however, every once in a while I need inspiration to drag my butt into the gym.

One of the readers of this site gave me inspiration to keep liftin’, and apparently I inspired him to build his own version of my homemade belt squat.

Oh, by the way, the guy who built the homemade hip belt squat below is 61 years young and one of the Over 40 bodybuilders of the week at Bodybuilding.com!

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Article and photos by Jerry Bruton

I liked your hip belt squat setup so much I fabricated one for my power cage. I rigged up a pulley system, fabricated two wooden platforms to stand on, and I added a bar to hold on for balancing. I also purchased a SpudInc belt hip belt.

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I built a trolley with two long handles to elevate the weight stack holder before the start of the exercise. Standing on the platforms, wearing the belt attached to the cable between the platforms, I just raise the weight stack a few inches to free it from the trolley, roll the trolley forward, and the weight stack is free to move through the full range of the hip squat. I do a full squat.

I hold on to the support bar for balancing and concentrate on the quads without fatiguing my back or glutes. At completion of the set, I roll the trolley under the weight stack. It’s as effective as the machines costing thousands of dollars.

It’s a great exercise for the quads. My quads are sore for days, especially the vastus lateralis.


Homemade Hip Belt Squat

Photo 1 shows the weight stack raised from the trolley. The platforms wood levers are secured with wood screws and angle brackets.

Photo 2 shows the trolley rolled forward. The weight stack is free for full range movement.


Photo 3 shows the hip belt squat at the full squat position. The platforms allow deep squats. The handle bar aids in balance and maintaining an upright position.


Photo 4 is a quads shot of a 61 year old bodybuilder.


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