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Under Armour Shirts

Why do you workout? Just to stay fit? Live longer? Or, how about just to look good naked? Now you can’t go around wearing nothing (unless you’re a nudist) but by wearing snug fitting compression tee shirts that show off all your muscle, it’s the next best thing! Under Armour shirts are great for showing off muscle definition, although they weren't specifically designed for this reason.

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Kevin Plank launched Under Armour in 1995 while playing college football as a special teams captain for the University of Maryland football team. Tired of repeatedly changing the cotton T-shirt under his jersey as it became wet and heavy during the course of a game, he set out to develop a next generation shirt that would remain drier and lighter and consistently perform under the most extreme conditions.

A year of fabric sourcing and product testing resulted in the first Under Armour compression t-shirt and a new category of sporting apparel called performance apparel – a synthetic shirt worn beneath an athlete’s uniform or equipment that provided a snug, second-skin fit that wouldn’t retain moisture or its weight.

This shirt is tailor made for bodybuilders; a snug, second-skin fit is exactly what you want to show off that hard earned muscle!

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Does the Heat Gear Under Armour work?

I’m always skeptical when it comes to sales pitches; are they just trying to sell you something that doesn’t work, or maybe (gasp) they are actually telling you the truth?

Most tee shirts are made of cotton, which absorbs water. You sweat, and the fibers swell up with water. Your body can't get rid of the excess heat as well which only makes you sweat more, so you end up with a drenched shirt that sticks to your body and interferes with performance.

What the Under Armour Heat Gear line does is use a combination of design and fabric to stop this. The clothes are made from synthetic fibers that use something known as capillary action to move moisture away from the body, rather than trapping against you the way cotton does.

I sweat like a pig, I’m sweating now as I type this (kidding). Let me say one thing about Under Armour compression t-shirts; plain and simple, they work and you’ll look great in them! I am now much cooler when working out in my garage gym with no AC.

The compression t-shirts are very breathable and stretchy. I've had workout shirts that fit tight around the shoulders, but this shirt feels very comfortable in that area and all over, while still remaining snug against the skin. I know it’s all in my head but, these compression shirts seem to give you a feel of more energy and strength.

Compression shirts are designed to hug your body which allows the fabric to absorb and release the sweat, but some reviewers complained that the shirts were too tight; I went with one size larger and it worked out great.

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50 year old Michael Schulder, in his new Under Armour Shirt


Bottom line: it’s a well made shirt, slightly pricey, does the job and makes you look good! What else could you want?

Under Armour not only makes heat gear; they make apparel for all seasons. They make it simple for you to remember: HeatGear® when it's hot, ColdGear® when it's cold, and AllSeasonGear® between the extremes.

Keep liftin’ (comfortably)

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