The Mass Building Missing Link...REVEALED!

by Jeff A.

What a waste!

I mean, at first, you may not think that the 3 secrets I’m about to share with you deserve the attention I’m giving it. But your muscles will think differently. Why? Because the fact is 90% of all gym rats are totally screwing this up…and they’re actually holding themselves back from their full mass-building potential.

I don’t want YOU to be one of those knuckleheads! In fact, if you’ll promise yourself to use these simple-yet-powerful tips I’m about to share with you in your mass building workout, then I promise you you’ll be shocked with how much faster you’ll build muscle…

The Secret Path To Gaining More Muscle Mass...

Scientifically speaking, your capacity to build muscle mass is directly connected to your own capacity to naturally boost anabolic hormones within your body (like testosterone, growth hormone, IGF-1, etc.). You already know this because you’ve peeked inside of those muscle mags a time or two, right? The reason those pro bodybuilders are so massive is because of their use of anabolic steroids that artificially jack their hormones up sky high. Unfortunately, this artificial path can be extremely dangerous and aren’t worth the side effects for the average Joe.

What you want is natural hormone increases to work with your body to break through your genetic barrier. Well first, you must understand that your own anabolic system features a "supply and demand" connection. The more muscle fibers you train and the more strenuously you train them, the more natural hormone response you’ll generate. This will translate into new lean muscle mass.

The #1 Mass Building Exercise - Revealed, Corrected, and Turbo-Charged!

Think about this – the leg muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves) constitute approximately two thirds of the body’s muscle mass. By exercising your legs, you actually target a hell of a lot more muscle tissue than other exercise. This in turn induces a significantly larger anabolic response from your hormonal system. But here’s the best part…those hormones aren’t isolated just to bulking up your legs. The hormone response you create is also going to be used to slap slabs of new muscle on your chest, back, shoulders, and arms as well!

In truth, the Barbell Squat has been shown to be the very best mass building workout weapon due to its power in triggering the most muscle fibers all at once, thereby releasing a flood of testosterone along with other anabolic hormones. Regrettably, many serious weightlifters train their legs a lot less compared to other muscles, or perhaps never. And those who do, frequently steer clear of the Barbell Squat simply because it’s "too difficult" or perhaps they do not know the right way to train. So here are a handful of strategies to allow you to perfect the Barbell Squat and draw out its incredible mass building powers in order to pack on some serious new muscle mass…

Build More Muscle Mass With High Rep Squats

Ignore the powerlifter approach to going ultra heavy in your squats if mass building is your objective. For size you need volume so keep your reps at the higher end. Old school mass monsters used to do as many as 20 rep squat sets with a few maniacs doing as many as 100 reps (but that’s a whole different article). For you, strive for 3 to 5 sets of 12-15 reps for your mass building training. You’ll most likely need to start with a lighter weight than you’ve been using, but you’ll make it easier on your back while unleashing a higher level of muscle-building hormones.

Negatives Build More Muscle

Lots of bodybuilders aren’t aware that the phase of the Barbell Squat in which you’re lowering the body down is actually the most effective stage in your repetition. Known as the "negative" phase, this stimulates more muscle fibers than the "concentric" phase, when you’re lifting the body up. In order to be sure you take full advantage of muscle fiber activation, lower yourself gradually (count to 4) on your way down and more rapidly (count to two) on your way up.

Go Low or Go Home

Due to the fact so many people attempt to "squat heavy", they usually don’t drop far enough within their range of movement to effectively target their legs. The very bottom part of the movements (where your upper legs are parallel to the ground) is known as the “stretch overload” position and also exactly where your muscle mass fibers are in maximum stimulation. If you can’t lower yourself to the point where your upper legs are parallel and you feel a stretch in your quads, then you’re either using too much weight or you’re just whussing out. Reduce the load you’re lifting and go all the way down to truly jack up your mass building.

Advanced Mass Building Approach

These strategies only scratch the surface of what you need to know in order to build massive amounts of muscle. For more advanced mass building techniques you should go and check out where you’ll discover the "Top 5″ mistakes that are holding you back from the best gains of your life. Plus, get a complete mass building workout.

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