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The Health Benefits of Cardio Boxing

It is the self motivated, determined individual who owns their own gym in their home. These are the people who want a particular state, whether in body form, health, or simply the peace of mind that comes from the experience.

As we work to achieve this goal there are sometimes physical obstacles that keep the process from advancing at a rate that we would like to see, and some have found that cardio exercise has been the key to making this happen.

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Cardio Boxing Routines

One of the best ways to raise your sense of well-being, as well as condition the entire body, is to use cardio boxing. Not only does this build discipline and confidence, but it also adds to your agility, balance, endurance, and muscle strength.

The typical cardio boxing program will be made up of a variety of techniques that come from actual boxing as well as those that focus on heart rate. Although this workout does not have to include cardio boxing equipment such as punching bags, it can if it is something that you enjoy

Cardio Boxing Exercise and Heart Rate

When doing a cardio boxing routine it is good to check the intensity of how it is affecting you by checking your heart rate. A good heart rate monitor will help with this.

It is important that for most cardio boxing workouts the heart rate falls within 50 to 70 percent of what your max heart rate is. If you are not sure what that is you can find it by subtracting your age from 220 and then multiplying this number by .5 for the bottom rate, and then .7 for the top rate. This would mean that if you are 40 years old then the range of your heart rate would be from 90-126 beats per minute.

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It is important, just like any form of exercise, that you begin cardio boxing routines with warm-ups. This can include activities such as jumping rope, which is often the most common, but nearly any kind of cardio activity can do.

Next people often will build up their technique, working on constantly improving the form to their punches and kicks using either shadow boxing or punching bags. This is an intensive phase of the workout, which is followed by the wrap-up. The wrap-up consists of intense speed and endurance work that also builds your strength and ability to stretch. It is important to remember to allow yourself an adequate amount of time to cool off when completing this or any kind of work out.

Cardio Boxing Benefits

The health benefits of cardio boxing are huge. As with any kind of cardiovascular workout your heart is running faster and your body is working harder in a way that is more intense for a short period of time.

Your arm and body strength are built through the punching and jabbing, and incorporating kicks can do the same for your legs. It can also add to the endurance of your muscles through the use of repetitious movements. As you push harder each time you go through the routine you build your agility, dexterity, conditioning, as well as speed.

In addition to the physical benefits, cardio boxing can also give you a sense of empowerment through the knowledge you have of techniques that can be beneficial for self defense. There is a peace of mind and a sense of self that can be greatly improved by knowing that you are mastering your body, your life, and are able to remain safe and in control of your circumstances.


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