Spud Farmers Walk Handles

Spud Farmers Walk Handles, or most commonly known as the farmers walk, is an exercise that should be included in your workout program. It’s a total body exercise that will strengthen your abs, back, legs, shoulders, and arms. Your grip strength, posture, and endurance will benefit too.

Sometimes called the farmers carry, it is the simplest exercise you can do. Just pick up some heavy weights, walk as far as you can and repeat.

Most often seen in the World’s Strongest Man competition, competitors carry heavy objects weighing from 275-375 lbs. (125– 170 kg) in each hand for a set distance, and compete for the fastest time.

A variation involves use of a heavy frame with parallel handles or heavy objects attached to handles, and another involves much heavier weights (referred to as the Giant Farmer's Walk).

For us mere mortals, you use dumbbells to do this exercise, but you will find that you can work up to some really heavy weight rather quickly and most gyms home or commercial only have dumbbells that maybe go up to 120lbs. A good starting weight is the combined weight of the dumbbells should equal your bodyweight or slightly less to start.

One way to go heavy is to buy a set of Farmer Walk Bars:

The pictured bars cost $199 + $29.99 shipping, and are not something you can just throw into your gym bag and take to the gym.

A more portable and affordable option is the Spud Farmers Walk Handles:

Spud Farmers Walk Handles can turn any Olympic plate into a farmer walk handle and they are small enough to fit into your gym bag.

Read some testimonials from satisfied Spud Traveling Farmer Walk Handle customers:

So far I have been using these every day, with 70-100 pounds each handle. I am confident that they can easily carry more. I am extremely happy with them so far and wish I had found them much sooner.

No longer am I kicking weights trying to MacGyver other methods as I do my farmers walks.  Needless to say, it’s one of my favorite exercises!

These things are great, I'm feeling that killer burn in my forearms, traps, back, and chest as I start to struggle.  Wish I had found your store sooner. Will definitely be consulting your group next time for my training needs.

Many Regards,   Michael M.

The Spud Traveling Farmer Walk Handles have worked out great.  I was really surprised in the quality of the grip handles, they are solid.  The straps are sturdy and can handle the weight I use, which isn't very heavy but I had no issues with 2 45lb plates.  These are perfect for on the go, or if you attend a gym that does not have farmer walk barbells - which most gyms don't.

I like them better than just grabbing heavy dumbbells because they help add just a small amount of instability to help work core balance and if you start to lose grip the distance between the bottoms of the plate(s) your carrying and the floor is not too far.  Which makes it easier to stop/rest/go if needed or to drop completely without worrying about the weight bouncing around and making a bunch of noise. 

Overall I'm very satisfied.  Thank you.    Joseph V.

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