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Rogue R3 Power Rack review

Rogue R-3 Power Rack review and pics by Gus P.

I will keep this short and to the point. I am comparing this rack to my powertec power rack.

rogue power rack

I love the Rogue R3 Power Rack plain and simple! I am able to touch my chest with the bar (because of the closer hole spacing) and if I fail the safeties save me from killing myself. On the powertec I could not touch my chest with bar because the 2 inch hole spacing didn't give me a perfect fit with the safeties in the bench press position.

rogue r3 power rack

I can do standing shoulder presses in this rack unlike the powertec where I could not because the bar would hit the top of rack. The rack is 24 inches on the inside compared to 25 inches for the powertec. I could not tell the difference.

The 24 inch width is perfect for my workouts plus it is only 1 inch less than my powertec rack and I never had a problem with that rack. The only issue I can imagine happening would be if you are extremely tall and you were to do barbell good morning then you might hit the rack. Or if you like to take more than 2 steps backwards before barbell squatting then the shallow depth might be a problem for you. The photo of the rack on their website is misleading because it shows 30" from outside to outside of the 3"x2" posts:

rogue r3 power rack


  • Height 7'6" (You can do standing shoulder presses with no problem)
  • 2 straight pull up bars normal 1.25 inch and fat 2 inch, awesome grip for them
  • 1 inch spacing through the bench area
  • Sumo stance
  • Bottom and top band peg attachments, 4 pegs included
  • 11 gauge steel compare to 12 gauge on the powertec
  • J hooks have plastic inserts over them so your bar knurling doesn't get messed up
  • Very easy to assemble 4 bolts and you are done
  • Small footprint


  • Only one color
  • Because you have to mount it to the floor, if you ever have to move it, it's going to be a pain, plus you damage your floors.
  • Holes have no numbering where the powertec does
  • Cost $695 plus shipping
  • No dip attachment extra $55, powertec includes one
  • I was sent the bigger jhooks(5 inches long) which I like for work outside rack, for inside rack work get the new smaller design jhooks(4 inches long)
rogue r3 power rack

The safety bars have a bar inside a sheath. It takes about 20 seconds to change each side compared to 10 to 15 seconds for powertec safety spotters. As for the two pull up bars there is no knurling on them but the texture on them gives you a good grip.

The Rogue rack weights about 200 pounds. As for moving it around it shouldn't be hard if you have two people, I can see how it would be a pain in the ass to move it around alone. It has to be bolted down due to its shallow depth because it has no horizontal pipe running at the bottom to keep it from tipping over.

The dip attachment is solid if the rack is bolted to the floor. It does move a tiny bit when you get on it. Comparing it to the powertec dip attachment it is by far less wobbly. I put the dip attachment on the inside of the rack (like I do on the powertec) which makes me feel safer especially with weighted dips.

rogue r3 power rack

Rogue R-3 Rack best price

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