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Ripped Abs

Think ripped abs are unachievable? Think again! How many of those ab machines and diet supplements have you bought? How many crunches and sit-ups do you do each day?

Ripped abs

So, why then aren’t you gaining the toned, ripped abs that you’re working so hard for? The simple truth is that you cannot get the muscles and tone you want with just a few exercises and some diet supplements.

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Fact: Doing hundreds, even thousands of sit-ups and crunch type movements do not burn belly fat. It never has, and unfortunately it never will.

If you want toned, ripped abs then you first need to get rid of the fat that’s covering them. You cannot have the definition you’re looking for if your muscles are covered by a layer of fat. It’s that simple. You might already have the best set of abs ever, you just can’t see them!

Adjusting Your Diet

Diet is the first step to getting the killer six pack abs you want. What I mean by diet is not the latest fad to hit the market. Don’t starve yourself. Diet pills don’t work either. Instead, find a healthy diet that is sustainable and can help you lose weight.

To lose body fat, you must have a calorie deficit. Eat a little less, exercise a little more. In fact, you can use the exact same workout routine to either add mass or lose weight depending upon calorie consumption. If you taken 500 calories more than you need every day you will gain mass, 500 calories less per day you will lose weight.

In order for your abs to be well defined, you need to get your body fat to somewhere below 5% (although they might start to show with as much as 9%). A good diet is all about what and when you eat. Your caloric intake needs to be lower than what is needed to maintain your current weight. A balanced diet consisting of not only protein but also carbs and a small amount of fats will get you on your way to losing that fat.

Our bodies take the foods we eat and use what they need, storing the rest for later. Instead of eating three big meals a day, try five or six small meals. This gives your body the energy and fuel needed to function but takes away the extra calories that is turned into fat and stored.

Once you’ve got your diet figured out, it’s time to work on that exercise routine. As the fat disappears off your body, your abs will begin to show more clearly. To get the definition you’re aiming for, you need to build those muscles up. Weight lifting and high intensity interval cardio three to four times a week is enough for most people. Dieting without exercising is one of the major reasons for the 95% failure rate of weight loss programs today.

Abdominal Exercises

You really don’t need any special equipment to work your abs. Simple crunches while lying on the floor is effective, but boring. Many people do not use good form when doing an ab crunch. Not only can this cause back and neck problems, it will also make your ab workout less effective.

Another popular ab exercise is the hanging leg raise. The hanging leg raise works, but it’s very hard to do.

The Ab Coaster movement is a combination of a hanging leg raise and crunch. The Ab Coaster is better than the hanging leg raise and crunch because it eliminates lower back stress, allowing the abs to be worked to failure before your lower back and arms fail. You don’t have to support your body weight while using the Ab Coaster thus allowing you to do many more reps correctly.


Ripped abs are the most difficult part of your body to achieve. Check out this photo of Tom Venuto.

Tom Venuto

You think he walks around every day with that kind of definition? I guarantee he worked for months on his diet and routine before this photo shoot.

But to stay in this condition, Tom uses a step-by-step strategy to implement cardio and aerobic training into his weekly plan to burn fat and lose the weight he wants. Tom has a new MP3 Audio Teleseminar that’s worth looking into. Even if you've got Tom's eBook already, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle - I urge you to listen to these interviews, as he revealed some things which you won't find in his book!

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