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There is a connection with processed foods and cancer. The more you eat TV-dinners, hot dogs, and other junk food on a daily basis, the more you are exposing yourself to these chemical preservatives which are NOT healthy to your body.

When a natural ingredient (such as soy or corn) is being processed, the texture is changed and the nutritional values are diminished to minimal levels. Processed food does not contain the normal healthy ingredients. As such, the overall intake of foreign chemicals and mixture harm your health, although the overall fat amount might be lower.

High fructose corn syrup, processed grains, refined sugars and other similar foodstuffs are highly dangerous to your health because these deadly, processed ingredients might (although the food package might say "Diet food", "Health food Light") increase your body fat amount and even cause cancer. Thus, the more you eat all these processed "health foods", the higher the chances are that your intake on preservatives on a daily basis exposes you to a variety of health issues over a period of time.

Processed meat is the worst kind of food and you should be avoiding it at any cost. These foods contain the highest levels and combination's of chemicals. Consequently, processed meats can cause colon, kidney and/or stomach cancer.

If you see a sign that says ‘conventionally grown’, you should sound your alarms. These are the foods that you should be avoiding the most. Try to find organic food without any of the processed chemicals.


Processed foods are always filled preservatives. One of the preservatives is a chemical that makes the food taste "stronger". It enhances the taste of the food so it tastes richer and "better". Many people who eat processed foods and processed meats on a daily basis soon realize that regular meat tastes bland because they get used to the richer taste of the processed meat.

This might lead to increased salt intake, because it makes "normal" food tastier. Your body needs salt but not in excessive amounts. It has been researched that around 2 tea spoons of salt is more than enough. Your body needs a certain mixture of salt and water in order to have a healthy and well balanced metabolism. If there is a malfunction in your metabolism, your body weight can increase because it cannot use all the calories that are consumed during a meal or dinner.

Many processed foods contain excessive amounts of salt in the form of sodium. That's why your salt absorption rate is not the fault of the chef in a restaurant or even yourself (unless you're used to salty foods and your dosage for a day is quite high). If your daily menu consists of processed foods, TV-dinners and boxed meals, then excessive salt usage might occur.

Excess amounts of salt may lead to stomach cancer. That is one good reason to reduce the intake. High blood pressure is also one of the negative effects when salt is used in large quantities.

It’s very easy getting used to much salt. Once you've cultivated such habits, it's not that easy to get rid of them. Nonetheless, little known fact is that you can easily get rid of bad habits within 21 days. Hence, if you try to get rid of excess use of salt in 21 days, you should very well achieve it. Food might taste bland when you first start but will you get used to quite quickly. You could try to replace the salt with something else.
However, salt should not be left out entirely because your body uses salt and water to create a healthy balanced metabolism.

Metabolism is a function of the liver. Its purpose is to break down the fat. The liver also purifies the kidneys. Water purifies the kidneys and consequently, with the right water intake, you can take the workload off of the liver by giving enough water to your kidneys. This ensures that your metabolism is being helped by the water consumption and ensures a smooth ride.

If you are overweight, then you might suffer from a fatty liver. It's very dangerous because the liver is the cleaner of your body. Blood runs through it and it cleans the toxins out of your body.

Even small body fat loss can have a huge impact on your health. It has been researched that women who lost only 9% of their body weight were able get rid of fatty liver.
Metabolism is positively affected IF you ("The Plan")
• drink lots of water daily
• eat many meals per day (6-7 small meals a day is the key: low fat + carb, high protein)
• exercise to build up some muscle
• eat protein rich food (remove white bread + pasta, kill sugary products)
• daily walk of 30-60 minutes

So there you have a few tips on how to increase your metabolism and if you see that you're doing anything opposite, you might gain weight instead of losing it. One of the biggest reasons for people who are obese find that their metabolism low, is that they tend to eat small snacks (even if they deny that) on a daily basis.

Low metabolism is not innate either. That is a widely spread myth that people believe. Low metabolism is affected by many factors which a healthy person can control easily. There is just a little bit of self discipline required.

If you eat sugary snacks on a daily basis, there is a good chance that the high sugar level in your blood is your main metabolism killer. However, this is not your only problem. You're also in risk of developing diabetes. High blood sugar levels that is being kept high with junk food (which contains very high amounts of sugar so you crave more of that junk – beware of this vicious cycle), snacks and other sugary products, can lead to low metabolism because this makes your body go into conservation mode and consequently it stores fat and burns less calories.

So you should make your number one goal getting your metabolism sky high so that your body does all the work instead of you TRYING to lose weight with weird and expensive gimmicks (pills, some weird massage machines) that don't work.

Keep things simple, and understand how your body works and make decisions that are beneficial to your health and overall body image.

By following a certain dieting plan, where you eat many times a day, drink more water, enables you to make your metabolism run higher and break down the fat in the liver. The better your metabolism is, the more weight you will lose. People with good metabolisms never get fat and they can eat anything they want and their weight stays the same.
Follow the plan and you can lose weight on autopilot.

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