HGB Newsletter #03 March 2009

This newsletter will be sent to you on a monthly basis. Every newsletter will have new workouts, tips and information as well as links to whats new on the website. This month's newsletter is a short one. Most of my time was spent researching and writing six new pages, so please check them out.

It’s Cutting Time!

Now is the time of year when bodybuilders turn their attention to cutting body fat so they can show off all of their hard earned muscle built up over the winter months.

March through May is the time to shed fat right before the beach season begins.

Click on the workout database link I’ve provided below and supplement the routine with this nutritional strategy:

1. Jumpstart your metabolic rate by providing your body with at least six or more meals a day.

2. Reduce calories from carbs and increase calories from protein. Eating to many carbohydrate calories reduces your body’s ability to burn fat. In Tom Venuto’s e-book, he reveals a bodybuilding secret called carb-cycling. You restrict carbs for three days, and then ramp up the carbs on day four. Keep your body guessing about its caloric intake and it won’t go into a starvation mode and hang onto fat.

3. Reduce calorie dense foods such as fat, but don’t eliminate fat completely. You need to eat fat to lose fat, but there are 9 calories per gram of fat versus 4 calories each for carbs and protein.

4. Drink water, water and more water.

5. Eat fibrous fruits and vegetables.

6. Eat starchy carbs in the morning and right after training.

7. At night, no carbs except vegetables and fiber.

8. Drink a post workout shake of protein and simple carbs.

9. Supplement your diet with flax seed oil and a good multivitamin.

10. Supplement your weight training workout with 20-60 minutes of moderately paced cardio daily.

If you have the time, do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach and complete your weight lifting routine at night. To strip fat away from your body, you need to exercise an hour a day at least six days a week…..can you do it?

Check out how this supplement can help. While you’re on that supplement page, check out the photo of the bodybuilder who stripped away 74 lbs by increasing his protein.

March workouts

Build a Customized workout using this database

Coming soon on the site:

P90X review

Chad Waterbury’s book review

Possibly a review of Ironmaster’s new kettlebell handle (stay tuned)

Until next month….Keep Liftin’

Barry C.

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