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Newgrip Wrist Supports wraps/straps for relief of tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and more!

Perfect for lifting weights, exercise, sports, musicians, typing, hard work and therapeutic/medical conditions. Strengthens wrists and relieves soreness, tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

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What Causes Wrist Ache?

"A neuro surgeon explained to me how aggravated wrists and elbows are caused by the roughness of textures on things being grasped and squeezed, like the surfaces on weight lifting equipment or computer keyboards. He realized that many people who experience wrist pain, sore hands or sore elbows might find enormous relief from the realization that it is the nerve bundles in our fingers and hands that transmit inflammation, which is often treated as signs of tendonitis, arthritic hands, wrist strain, carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow. This applies to ANY repetitive task that irritates the nerve interface in our hands; which then affects our wrists. "After using NewGrip wrist support pain subsided in less than a week!" Prof. Philip Daughtry, Santa Monica College

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The median nerve runs from your upper shoulder down the inside of your bicep and elbow, down your forearm and through your carpal tunnel (wrist).. at which point it branches out, along with several tendons, like a tree sending down roots.

These roots supply nutrients to the nerve bundles of your hands and fingers.

What happens is that the sensitive nerve endings in your fingers get damaged from overuse and become inflamed.

This explains why so many computer users, musicians and grocery clerks get so called 'carpal tunnel syndrome'.

Pain can be a sign of inflammation.

If the fingers and hands are not allowed to fully recuperate the inflammation will affect the median nerve at its weakest point... wrist, forearm or elbow.

When this occurs it can be called 'wrist pain', 'sore wrists', 'wrist tendonitis', 'arthritic wrists', or 'carpal tunnel syndrome'... but each having the same root cause! This is why it is vital to wear effective wrist support, even as prevention!

newgrip wrist supports

The Science Behind our Wrist Support Wraps:

Store bought wrist supports are made either of stretch polyester or a 50-50 blend which causes perspiration and even itchiness.

NewGrip wrist support straps are 100% cotton, breath and repeal perspiration.

NewGrip wrist support wraps stimulate the supply of warmth to the sore wrist. This improves the natural response of the body to increased temperature and causes it to enter a condition called homeostasis: whereby the body tries to lower the temperature to the area. In so doing it expands blood vessels with increased blood flow.

This adds heat to your sore wrists, causing blood vessels to increase in size, supplying nutrients and oxygen to your wrists and reducing inflammation. The added warmth relaxes the tendons and relieves pressure off the median nerve.

By applying tension to NewGrip wrist support, and by wearing them as often as possible, you will quickly experience relief.

The wrist wraps help keep the tendons, running through your carpal tunnal from bulging by pushing them back into their natural state.

Wear them consistently, with a snug comfortable fit, even 24/7, and you should experience significant relief within a week or two.

NewGrip Wrist Support are:

  • Fully adjustable
  • Strengthens wrists
  • Supports the carpal tunnel
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Ideal for lifting weights, playing drums, guitar, piano, work, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, aerobics, sports, computer typing (RSI), and for wrist comfort.
  • Hand washable. color fast.
  • Straps are 2" wide
  • 100% thick comfy cotton
  • Nearly indestructible
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Measure your largest wrist about 1 inch up from the wrist bone toward your forearm. Lay the tape lightly on your wrist.

If you do not know your wrist size and do not have a tape measure use this method...

Cut a piece of string, wrap it around your wrist LIGHTLY, about 1 inch (ca. 25mm) above your wrist bone.

Mark the string.

Lay it flat on a ruler. This will be close enough to select the proper size.

Wrist Wrap Size Wrist Circumference
Under 6" or Under 16cm
6" - 7.25" or 15.5-18cm
7.25" - 8" or 18-22cm
Over 8.25" or Over 22cm

Here's another great reason to buy Newgrip wrist supports:


Made in the USA, Newgrips, along with a growing number of small businesses, have decided NOT to outsource our manufacturing, bite the bullet on higher profit margins and keep Americans employed. Our super 100% woven cotton is made in a mill on the East Coast. Our neoprene is made in the South, our sewing is done in Washington State and our hand pads are made in Portland, Oregon. NewGrips is also a family run, home based business.

Nice, huh?

Finally something NOT MADE IN CHINA!

NewGrips are not manufactured. Real people, using sewing machines, stitch together each NewGrip, one pair at a time. This personal touch leaves room for human error. Currently less then 1 pad in 1000 has a problem and only 1 wrist strap in 10,000. These stats indicate excellent workmanship.

Buy a pair or two; you'll be happy you did!



"I am a Medical Transcriptionist and work on a computer eight hours a day, nonstop. About two years ago I started having problems with aches and pains in both wrists. My husband found your web site and ordered a set of your wrist support band. Within a few weeks all symptoms stopped! Now, I will never again type without wearing them. Your wrist bands have worked wonders!" - Valerie Kitts - Pennsylvania

newgrip wrist supports


"Thanks Alan! NewGrips have been a huge help. I wear the strap on my right wrist when I type, and both straps + hand pads when I lift, and no pain ever since!" -Jason Buhle, Cognitive neuro-scientist, NYC


"I use NewGrip wrist support because they're nearly indestructible." - Greg Adler, Attorney and Winner of the 2004 MET-Rx Body Challenge


"I have been using your wrist support bands for a couple months when playing piano and they have really helped. I notice I am not rubbing my wrists when I finish playing and I do not have to ice them like I used to. The wrist bands keep my wrists warm and snug but they do not sweat. I am so happy now that I can play longer and not have any pain after." - Vee Sullivan, Florida

newgrip wrist supports


"I wear your wrist support day and night, only to let my wrists breath once or twice a day. But if I don't keep them on at night, the difference in the morning is unbearable. They are absolutely brilliant. I tuned a piano the other day and I never lost sensation once and it was really out of tune too, but no tingles or pins and needles or numbness. Fantastic!" - Pete Doyne, Canada


"I'm a physical therapist and I must tell you, in my +35 years of lifting weights I have seen no wrist support better than yours." - Perry McGinnis, PT, Indiana


"Your wrist support offers patients a way to manage sore wrists and return to everyday activities while protecting and supporting the median nerve of the carpal tunnel. This is a breakthrough." - Minga Guerrero, Chiropractor, Oregon


newgrip wrist supports

"NewGrip wrist support for tennis because they give my wrists extra support. I have tendonitis and these wraps put less strain on it. I love how they come in sizes because my wrists are tiny and this is the only wrap that can go tight enough on them. I play college tennis and use these wraps for matches and practice! They definitely save my wrists from unwanted pain! Jenn LaChance

"I've been playing drums for almost 10 years and I play hard and fast. I damaged both my wrists pretty badly. I couldn't play for a year and once they felt good enough to play they'd just hurt again right after practice. With your straps I have virtually no pain and actually a lot more strength on my snare; it's quite amazing. If you ever need to convince someone that these work, send em my way." - Derek Gierhan, Maine

"I had Flexor Carpi Ulnaris (FCU) tendinitis as I play lot of tennis. I tried everything but your wristbands did the trick. Lots of products "claim" they can do miracles but yours provided the solution. Great product and even greater quality." - Ravishankar, Pennslyvannia

"Grips work well. I no longer have soreness in my wrists. They do the job." -Billy King, California

"I have used your wrist straps for only four days but I can tell a huge difference in the way my wrists feel." -Suzanne A., Georgia

newgrip wrist supports

"Your wrist wraps really support my wrists for pushing movements. Carpal Tunnel hasn't gotten in the way of pursuing my goal of 150% BW bench, but my teenage daughter is! She's trying to steal them for the sake of fashion!"

Duane Wiegardt -U.S. Coast Guard


newgrip wrist supports

"I battled several bouts with inflammation and mild tendonitis prior to using your NewGrip straps. Excitedly I now proclaim that I am simply amazed by your product and the awesome results I've experienced! Your straps have all but alleviated my pain, soreness, and weakness! The stamina is back! I will both promote and use your straps for years to come."

Joe G., Alabama

Check out what guitarist Ysrafel has to say about newgrip wrist supports:

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