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MuscleEgg Review

MuscleEgg review by Barry C.

Before I started training I would have never even considered drinking liquid egg whites. This sounded incredibly gross and my kids would agree with that!

But I have found that egg whites are tasteless and actually not hard to swallow after you get past the gross factor. Besides, egg whites are an incredible source of protein.

The quality of a protein is measured by its mix of essential amino acids. The following protein quality numbers come from nutritiondata.com, the higher the number, the higher the quality of the protein source:


  • 84 - lean ground beef
  • 136 - skinless chicken breast
  • 144 - broiled pork chop
  • 148 - canned white tuna in water

Vegetarian sources (Dairy and egg)

  • 137 - nonfat milk
  • 145 - egg whites
  • 137 - whole poached egg

Vegan sources (plant sources):

  • 70 - peanuts
  • 79 - tempeh
  • 101 - amaranth
  • 103 - black beans
  • 106 - quinoa
  • 117 - soy protein concentrate

Did you notice where egg whites fell on this list? Out of all the protein sources egg whites was #2 behind tuna!

I was buying liquid egg whites from Wal-Mart and mixing them with chocolate or vanilla protein powder and water. This combo wasn't bad, but not the greatest tasting.

Searching on the internet for a better tasting solution, I found muscleegg.com. MuscleEgg is the world's first flavored egg white protein drink. You don't have to add any flavoring; Muscle egg comes pre mixed in the following flavors: chocolate, chocolate caramel, vanilla, mint brownie and organic or unflavored egg whites.

This sounded really good to me so I ordered two gallons; one chocolate and one vanilla. Ordering a cold product that needs to be shipped is always risky because of the melting factor and since I was ordering in JULY during a heat wave I was a little bit hesitant in placing my order, but muscleeg ships orders as quickly as possible and the egg whites are shipped frozen in a Styrofoam lined box:


I was really happy to see the egg whites were still really cold (still partially frozen actually) and this was in spite of the fact that they were shipped from Utah to Indiana in July!

I immediately stuck the gallon of vanilla into the freezer and refrigerated the chocolate. After about an hour I had to try the chocolate. The chocolate tasted awesome! Like pouring myself a glass of cold chocolate milk, with nothing to mix or shake. Excellent!

Each serving of muscleegg has 25 grams of protein, and by adding some natural peanut butter to the chocolate egg whites along with a banana makes a good tasting high protein good carb/fat meal:


Price of Muscleegg

Yes, at first look buying Muscleegg looks a little pricey, but is it? There are about 14 dozen egg whites in a gallon (160 egg whites). If you go to the store a dozen eggs will cost you about $2.25 (with tax) so multiply that by 14 and you are at $31.50.

Muscleegg is priced less than this if you buy 4 gallons and you don't have to crack eggs, mix it with anything, clean anything, worry about salmonella, and the taste is like chocolate milk.


I have tried so many different kinds of protein I lost track. From Optimum Gold Standard Whey to the BSN Syntha Proteins to Cyto sport and Muscle Pharm proteins.

When I first tried muscle egg, not only did I enjoy the taste and the fact that I didn't feel bloated and sick after taking it, but I was able to put on 8 lbs of good weight and remained around my 8% body fat (which is amazing considering my metabolism).

I have been out of the gym for two months because of a shoulder injury and vacation, but I am back and made sure that before I started, the first thing I did was go out and get Muscle Egg. I just downed my first gallon of the new chocolate muscle egg and couldn't be more pleased with the product! - Nate Dalley


  • Egg whites are one of the most high quality protein sources, period!
  • Already flavored; no protein powder to buy
  • Convenient protein source; just pour a glass
  • Digest easily, no bloating problems like with whey powder
  • Zero fat
  • Zero Cholesterol
  • 25 grams of protein per serving
  • 100% bioavailable (meaning the protein is 100% absorbed by the body)


  • Having to wait for your shipment
  • Appearance of the product: During pasteurization the pumps that pump the egg through the machinery starts to turn the egg into a meringue similar to what you see on pies, so there may be meringue floating in the container along with ice crystals if not fully thawed, this is normal. You must shake the container before pouring.


Musclegg chocolate flavored drink makes one of the best chocolate protein shakes I have ever had! I love the versatility, flavor, and convenience of them. When you order, Muscleegg includes a recipe for Chocolate Protein Egg White Pancakes that you have to try.

Buy your Muscleegg HERE

Keep liftin'

Barry C.

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