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Muscle Specialization Secrets Review

Every bodybuilder has at least one body part that they want to make bigger….now keep your mind out of the gutter; they have special pills to make that body part bigger!

For instance, my shoulders just won’t seem to grow to the size I would like them. They look like meatballs instead of softballs!

rogue power rack

Every since I strained my rotator cuff (which took 10 long months to heal) I have consciously or subconsciously taken it easy on them.

But now it’s time to force them to grow, damn it!

Once again, it’s Jeff Anderson to the rescue! Who the hell is Jeff Anderson?

Jeff Anderson Muscle Nerd

He is the so called “Muscle Nerd”, a nickname his gym buddies gave him because he was the dude slumped over the bench at the gym feverish writing down every last detail of his workout.

And you know what? Documenting your workouts is very important; so you know where you are going and how you got there; what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building muscle.

Jeff has many different workout programs available, many I have reviewed on this website such as:

That last one, The Muscle Specialization Secrets Mega Package, was the one I needed to force my delts to grow!

Muscle Specialization Secrets

Muscle Specialization Secrets focuses on your lagging body parts, whatever they may be. It has focused workouts for Abs, Arms, Back, Chest, Legs, and what do you know, Shoulders (just for me). The “Nerd” calls these specialization workouts “Micro Burst Training”.

What you do is basically blitz the lagging body using these three techniques:

  1. Workout and muscle group intensity
  2. Drop set pumps
  3. Sub failure training

During this program, you will be changing the intensity level of your workouts each week; use drop set pumps in a unique way that hits both type 1 muscle fibers (endurance) and type 2 (strength); and the final technique which he calls sub failure training, a technique where you take your reps almost all the way to failure, but you actually stop about 1-3 reps BEFORE that point you would no longer be able to lift the weight.

The best thing I like about this program is that you don’t have to change the workout routine you are currently doing; you just plug-in a body part specific workout into your present routine and off you go!

Another thing I really like about this package is that it isn’t an ebook; it is a physical product shipped directly to you. Did you know a lot of people buy and download an ebook workout program, and never open the file? WTF?

With this being a physical product, you can’t just throw it on a shelf and forget it; it will be starring you in the face, just reminding you to use it.

When I started to write this Muscle Specialization Secrets Review, it really hit me, there’s just a ton of info that is included in the Muscle Specialization Mega Package. Here’s what you get:

Muscle Specialization Secrets Main Manual

Chest Specialization Mega Package (workout guide and workouts)

Back Specialization Mega Package (workout guide and workouts)

Legs Specialization Mega Package (workout guide and workouts)

Shoulders Specialization Mega Package (workout guide and workouts)

Arms Specialization Mega Package (workout guide and workouts)

Abs Specialization Mega Package (workout guide and workouts)

FREE ebook: How to Measure Your Body Fat

FREE AGT-5000 Body Tracking Software (really cool)

DVD 1 walks you through the entire four week body part specific workouts

DVD 2 contains all of the resources, including the workouts, photos of the exercises, and fully printable workout logs.

AND, you get six HOURS of audio MP3’s! Jeff interviews top bodybuilding experts and reveals their secret tips to bring up a specific muscle.

Just a SHIT LOAD of info!

To tell you the truth, I was overwhelmed when I first received the package….I didn’t know where to start! I put the box away, got a good night’s sleep, and the following morning broke out the manual and re-read everything. Now the details of how this program is set up became clear… THIS WILL WORK!

The hours and hours of audio interviews offer some invaluable training tips. Here are a few of them:

Building legs: Did you guess squats? Try this technique with a leg press machine instead. Take the weight you would normally do with two legs, you know the weight you can do with a full range of motion (I know you are not one of those guys who loads the leg press up with 1000 lbs and then does a six inch rep, right?) and cut it in half. Now do 8-10 reps with ONE leg, with no rest continue with the other leg, back and forth for three sets, and don’t lock out on top.

Once each leg has completed three sets, without resting, using the same weight, with both legs lower the leg press down as low as you can go. This is the starting position for the last set. From this position, push the leg press up about 8-12 inches, don’t lock out, and then lower. Do this short range of motion until failure, usually 25-30 short reps… let’s see you walk after this!

Building shoulders: If you ask most lifters, the military press builds shoulder mass, and it does. But this works your front delts and you are also working the front delt when you bench press. To really build wide shoulders, you need to build up the middle delt region with dumbbell side (lateral) raises.

Now most lifters go way to heavy with this exercise and use momentum to lift the DB. Try this: lighten the load first of all. The shoulder joint was designed for mobility. It can’t take the heavy load like the chest and back. Use 15-20 lb dumbbells. Sit on the edge of a flat bench, with one DB in hand. Your free hand will hold on to the bench for stability. Now raise the DB up with your arm straight until you are past shoulder level, and lower slowly and under control. Sitting while doing this exercise decreases momentum greatly.

I workout my chest, shoulders and triceps in the one training session. I do the incline bench press which works the chest, triceps, and front delts; followed by dips to failure. Then I move onto dumbbell side lateral raises as described above, followed by the seated bent over dumbbell raise which primarily works the rear portion of the delts.


This is one well put together program that must have taken months to assemble!

I really like the fact that it’s a physical product that you can put down on a bench and refer back to during a workout. I can listen to the audio CD’s on my CD player while driving to work, or listen to the MP3’s on my IPod while walking the dogs.

The Muscle Specialization Mega Package gives you a lot of value for your buck!

Think it costs too much? I took a poll on a bodybuilding forum and the average dollar amount spent per month on supplements was $150, so for less than a one month supply of supps, you can get the full course with special workouts for every lagging muscle that you can refer back to for many years of lifting to come.

AND, to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck, if you buy your package thru this link, I'll email you within 12 hours (or sooner) two zip files containing 11 ebooks I have compiled on bodybuilding related topics. These ebooks are:

  • Max OT workout
  • Workout Log Version 1
  • Workout Log Version 2
  • Free Supplement Review Guide
  • Gameover (BB cutting diet plan)
  • Increase Testosterone
  • Full Body Dumbbell workout
  • Top 20 Ways to Screw Up in the Gym
  • 4-fitnees ebooks (Contains exercises you never heard of)
  • Best Arm Exercises You Never Heard Of
  • Nautilus Bulletin #1 by Arthur Jones

But wait thats not all.... (sounds like an infomercial ;-), I’ll also include a copy of my ebook: Beginning Bodybuilding. (That makes a total of 12 free ebooks).

Keep liftin’.

Muscle Specialization Secrets

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