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Motion Transfer Cable Attachment Review

You can buy all kinds of cable pull down attachments for your home gym, and spend big bucks doing so.

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One of the readers of this website suggested I check out the Motion Transfer Cable Attachment, and I’m glad I did! I bought one and tried it out, and was impressed so I wrote this Motion Transfer Cable Attachment review. It's a good thing that reader contacted me because I was just about to buy ANOTHER pull down bar with a parallel wide-grip handle:

Wide grip pull down bar

And, I already have all of these attachments:

cable attachments

The Motion Transfer Cable Attachment replaces all of the above attachments!

motion transfer cable attachment

The ingenious design enables you to vary the width of the grips by moving two pins. The bar-inside-a-bar design, like the way a telescope collapses is what makes it possible, along with the locking pins. You can go from narrow to medium to wide, depending on the exercise and you can adjust the bar in seconds.

The bar-inside-a-bar is a real plus for home gyms that need the most functionality possible from every piece of equipment. The Motion Transfer Cable Attachment can be used with any type of cable resistance exercise machine. And you've got to love the way the bar is bent. That bend enables you to pull down or back further for a better lat contraction.

The handgrips have a patented swivel-and-rotation action so your hands can rotate to a more natural parallel or near-parallel position. The movement is completely natural and moves with the body, not against it.

Every time you change your hand position on a pull down or row, you activate different back muscles. This is the same concept as the Perfect pull-up/push up handles you see advertised on TV.

This means as you pull or push, your hands can move, twist and adjust-they're not locked in a position that may inhibit target muscle activation and/or tweak tendons and joints. The “unlocked “position of the wrist makes every pull down, cable row, curl and extension variation more effective and less dangerous from top to bottom.

This attachment is heavy and feels rock solid. I feel I can pull the maximum amount of weight that I can handle, with no fear of this attachment breaking.



Buy this attachment and you can get rid of a whole load of pull down bars (mine will be on eBay soon), from parallel wide-grip handles to straight bars to narrow grip handles. The Motion Transfer Cable Attachment is also more than just a back blaster. You can use it for triceps pushdowns, extensions, upright rows, curls, reverse curls, shrugs and various forearm and abs exercises.

Since the Motion Transfer Cable Attachment replaces quite a few bars, it’s a steal for the price.

For the best price on this attachment, click here.

Keep liftin’.

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