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Monster Barbell Olympic Forearm Bar Review

Monster barbell olympic bar review by Daniel 327.

Delivery: I ordered direct from monster Barbell on Sep 17, 2010. My bar was delivered on Sep 30, 2010. Considering it travelled half way around the world (I'm in Australia) that's pretty quick delivery.

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Cost: $US69.95 + $US69.50 shipping = $139.45 (to Australia). Prior to ordering I requested a shipping estimate from Monster Barbell. They promptly responded by email with a quote of $US69.50. When it was time to order, the website checkout wanted $US85 shipping. I paid $US69.50 and left a note in the comments box informing of their quoted shipping and requesting that they honor it. Within 2 hours I received an email that my order had been processed and I was only charged $69.50 shipping as per the original quote. I was impressed.

Packaging: The bar was delivered in a thick cardboard box. Included was the bar handle, the olympic weight plate support, a spring type weight collar, and some basic instructions.

Guarantee: The bar comes with a 60 return guarantee so you can decide if it meets your needs. The guarantee states "we will refund your entire purchase price".

Lifetime Warranty: The bar carries a lifetime warranty from defects to the original purchaser for domestic use only. It carries the usual exclusions regarding paint, finish etc, and requires the customer to pay the return shipping. Fair enough.

First Thoughts: The bar arrived undamaged despite having limited cushioning material included in the box. The finish on the bar is a black powder coat with rubberized foam handles. All ends are capped with black plastic caps. The weight holder is chrome plated and well finished. The spring collar has plastic grip handles over the spring steel (a nice touch). Overall, the bar is well finished and looks like a quality piece of equipment.

Monster forearm bar

Assembly: I immediately assembled my bar (takes less than 1 minute to insert the pin) and tried the three exercise positions. The weight support can be installed in two different positions to ensure it is orientated correctly for the exercise you intend to perform (it's not complicated, just hard to explain.)

Monster forearm bar

Use: I completed three sets of 10 of each exercise using just the bar (no added weight plates). I noticed that I was targeting my forearms different to anything I have experienced using grippers, or thick handle kettlebells. In particular the dorsal aspect of the forearm was working overtime.

My forearms got a good pump and were very warm to touch. I knew they had done some unfamiliar work. Today, I added 1kg (2.2lb) of weight plates to the bar and performed 2 sets of 10, and 1 set of 15 of each of the three exercises. The last couple of reps on the final set of 15 were certainly challenging.

My forearms were pumped and burning like crazy. I look forward to continuing to use this bar and see if the results are forthcoming.


For what you get, I believe the price ($US69.95) is moderately high. When you consider I paid ~$AU155 (due to delivery charge and AU to US conversion), most people would probably baulk at the price (and rightly so) however, I'm happy with the feel this bar gives my forearms so far and am happy to continue to use it.

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Another Review

At first glance, it would seem that great strides have been made in the development of gym equipment over the past century. Specialized libraries whose collections show the history of gym equipment tell a different story. Only very occasionally is a genuinely new piece of gym equipment invented radically improving how we work out. Monster Bar’s Forearm Bar is one of those unique turning points in gym equipment.

The array of forearm exercises has been for long limited to variations on the theme of straight bar wrist curls. Adjunct equipment has supported forearms indirectly with emphasis on grip strength development. Monster Bar's Forearm Bar brings ancient principles of leverage to deeper, more effective forearm training.

Leverage equipment has the distinct advantage of requiring less weight while positioning forearms in the "right zone" for optimal muscle involvement. No amount of looking at pictures or reading testimonials for the Forearm Bar matches a few minutes of using one. The difference is amazing as your exhausted, fully pumped forearms will yell out to you. Once you try it you won’t want to train forearms without the Forearm Bar. Sensei Ken O’Neill, M.A., ISSA CPT, Zane Experience CPT.

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