Junk Food - The Most Illegal Food Today

by Barry C

We are not only talking about hamburgers and pizza but the whole industry of processed foods and how they are becoming more and more popular. This is partly due to the fact that in our hectic society, everyone is so busy that we don't even have the time to eat a healthy lunch, let alone cook a dinner that can literally save our lives. Avoid junk at all costs, because otherwise you might end up paying for it with your life.

Why do we eat all this junk if it's not healthy? Well, first of all, people THINK this junk is healthy because many food labels state "Low fat" or "No sugar" (and these statements are connected to healthy products). However, little do they know that there are other chemicals contained which have replaced natural ingredients. Secondly, it's so convenient to take a dinner and be done with it in 10 minutes, including heating it and eating. Fast food society, where everyone is too busy to sit down, plan their meal and cook it while having a great time with your family, is killing many Americans on a daily basis.

As parents make those fast food dinners for their children, habits are formed. Young children quickly develop habits for eating and these habits are stuck in their heads. It's not that easy to change your mind and ways of thinking if you’ve been convinced since early on that it's alright to eat all these junk food daily.

Although there are a few exceptions here and there, you really need to pay attention what you buy. Locally produced and organically produced goods are most likely to be the healthiest but they also have higher price tags.

What ingredients you should avoid and why

Food that is acidic. Acidic environments attract parasites. Acidic bodies are also a great place for a cancer to grow. Many processed foods are acidic and should therefore be avoided.

Milk (no-fat and non-fat) - forms mucus in your body and makes the lymph liquid in your body acidic.

Canned Foods / Frozen Meals with lots of sodium. Sodium is acidic.

White Bread and Pastas made out of refined white flour or all bleached flours quickly turn carbohydrate to sugar. This again feeds a message to your brain: "More of this, more of this". This raises your blood’s sugar level and when this occurs too often it damages certain proteins in your arteries, ultimately leading to thickening them and causing heart attacks.

Artificial Sweeteners – Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners are highly acidic and a proven cause for cancer.

Sugar in high quantities – Sodas, candy, white bread, it's all over the place. MANY food manufacturers insert extra sugar in their food because it makes you crave more and more food (that is money in their pockets). Sugar is poisonous to our bodies, because it makes your blood’s sugar levels high. Excessive sugar intake over a long period of time damages the blood vessels and risks of a heart attack is increased.

Processed Meats - Sodium and chemical preservatives are the main deadly ingredients. Sodium nitrate is the chemical used to give the Meat a healthy color. All chemical preservatives should be avoided.

Boxed dinners / meals - Monosodium Glutamate is an ingredient that hardens your arteries. It also increases the chances of getting a heart attack.

Salt in big amounts is not healthy. It has been researched that most of us have too much salt in our daily intake. It throws off your stress balance and may cause stomach cancer. Excessive salt intake can cause blood volume to increase and this can lead to serious problems in your cardiovascular system because your heart has to work harder to get the work done.


You must have seen these food labels that scream health, freshness and other misleading slogans. These "Light-foods" are becoming the cancer of the whole food industry. Big money is involved in the dieting industry and that's why you are bombarded with these often false statements.

These light foods are far from healthy and these eye-catching names might trick you into buying and getting into the vicious cycle. You are not going to lose weight from a label that says "only xx calories" but instead, gain weight due to the unhealthy chemicals contained within (processed grains, sugar, etc).

Although most food labels follow the guide lines, it doesn't mean that they are healthy. You must be able to differentiate the right ones from the bad ones. Refined sugar is also contained within many of the processed foods.

‘Fresh’ also doesn't always mean such despite its label. You don't see the nutrient contents at a glance or how long it has taken to travel from the farm to the factory and to your kitchen table.

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