Junk Food Can Destroy Your Sex Life

by Ted L.

The food we eat on a daily basis has severe effects on our health and consequently, our sex life. Obese men (who previously suffered from erectile dysfunction) have reported an improvement in their personal lives after a drastic weight loss period. According to a study, obese women found it more difficult to find a sexual partner than their normal-weight "competitors".

It has also been researched that men who consume "ready meals" and TV-dinners contract prostate cancer more than those who were on a fresh fruit or fresh vegetable dominated diet, also known as antioxidant-rich diet. In addition, saturated fat is one of the biggest causes of prostate cancer and these deadly fats found in all processed food. Statistics also show that up to 80% of prostate cancer victims suffer up from erectile dysfunction.

So if your daily lunch consists of junk food such as hamburgers, pizza, ready meals or other processed junk, you should be aware that it might affect your sex life. Due to all these processed food containing unknown chemicals that have unknown long-term effects, you might develop illnesses such as cancer.

Apart from the above mentioned, other short term effects are obesity and lack of energy (due to the lack of nutrients in the junk foods). Salt may also cause your blood pressure to rise and sugar may cause problems to your arteries which can lead to heart diseases.

Obesity has an effect on both males and females because of the psychological effects. Most people who are obese suffer from self-esteem problems and therefore might not even try to find a partner. Obesity is also looked at negatively in our society and this can create more problems in the person's mind. It usually ends up being a vicious cycle of comfort-eating and putting on more weight.

Knowing the basics of the human anatomy is crucial to understanding how the body works sexually. The human body produces Nitric Oxide (NO) (not to be confused with Nitrous Oxide) in order for men to get an erection and female to get lubricated. With a poor diet, the production of NO may be diminished and this can lead to sexual problems.

Nitric Oxide is found in L-Arginine. L-Arginine is an amino acid protein that is being produced by the human body in the kidneys. In addition, there are also natural sources of this protein. Meat such as pork, ham (bacon), turkey and seafood are all rich in this particular type of amino acid. Certain vegetables contain this acid as well with higher concentrations than in animal products. These vegetables are cashews, pecans, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, oats, brown rice, chickpeas and coconut.

Poor blood vessels can also have a negative effective on our sexual performance. Antioxidants have been reported to be able to improve the blood circulation in the entire body. Consequently, this often leads to better sexual health. Nonetheless, let us not forget to mention the biggest human sexual organ of all, the brain. Good nutrients with lots of antioxidants can increase your brain activity as well as sexual stamina.

By having big junk food lunches on a daily basis and eating TV-dinners at home, you might be on the way to destroying your sex life. Your body is producing these important proteins and if your body doesn't get enough nutrients, you might be facing health issues in every aspect of your life. This, of course, also includes your sex life.

If you are into increasing your sexual stamina naturally then you might want to look at this recipe:
1. Leave all the processed food out, starting the very next minute
2. Eat food that is beneficial to your health (antioxidants)
•Super foods that contain great amounts of antioxidants (Goji, Acai, Mangosteen)
•Lycopene (widely recognized to protect against prostate cancer)
•L-arginine (male and female enhancer, can be obtained from natural foods sources)
•Cilulline – an amino acid that helps the blood circulation in the pelvic area

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