Ironmaster IM2000 review

Ironmaster IM2000 review and pics by Rogermv.

I ordered the entire package of IM 2000 Superbench, Adj. Dumbbells, and all attachments the week after Thanksgiving. It only took a week to get to Houston from Seattle. It arrived by 18 wheeler in 18 boxes. It took me about 3 or 4 days to put everything together, but the instructions were good.

ironmaster im2000

Spacewise, if you get the PecDec then it must be at least 18 inches away from the back wall. You will also need several feet on either side to load the plates. And you will need at least four feet in front to do cable rows. The cables are only rated for 300 LBS.

ironmaster im2000

The IM 2000 may be made in USA but the attachments are made in CHINA.

I have never regretted my purchase and am still finding ways to vary my routine.

ironmaster im2000
ironmaster im2000


It was a lot of cash to cough up, but I thought it was comparable to the cost of a gym membership, the gas to get there, and be able to workout when I want with my protein shakes, and having the equipment available to use when I want it.

Takes up minimal space (4X4)

Smooth As Silk

Upper / Lower Pulleys

6 Weight horns in back

Dual function as a Smith or Free Weight machine

Been around for 30 yrs

USA Made (almost impossible to find, even Tuff Stuff is made in China)

Optional Olympic sleeve adapters

Haven't found any negatives yet.


Buy your Ironmaster IM2000 self spotting machine here

ironmaster im2000

Check out the Ironmaster Calf Block


  • Patented Self-Spotting Lifting Bar System Has Lockout holes 1.7" apart so you never get stuck when working out alone. You can push yourself to the limit for maximum muscle building.

  • Super heavy duty Structural steel frame for the ultimate in strength and stability. 1,000 lb load capacity!

  • Secondary safety stops And heavy duty springs provide a backup when the lifting bar is not under hand control.

  • 10 year warranty and unbeatable guarantee Try our equipment in your home for up to 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied, return for a full refund, including shipping costs! See web site for additional warranty and guarantee details.
  • Better than any smith machine With no binding due to our patented slide rail and bushing system. Ergonomic lifting bar locks out forwards instead of backwards for a much faster and more natural movement. The light weight lifting bar needs no complex counterweight system.

  • Incredible space saving design. Full size, for the serious weight lifter. Takes up much less room than a cage, Smith, or leverage machine.

Buy your Ironmaster IM2000 self spotting machine here

Buy your Ironmaster IM2000 self spotting machine here

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