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Heart Rate Monitor Training

The benefits of good cardiovascular health cannot be understated. Heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure are just a few of the many complications associated with poor cardiovascular health.

The cardiovascular systems function through a combined effort of the heart, lungs, muscles and blood vessels working together to transport and utilize blood, oxygen and nutrients. Proper cardiovascular or cardio training should be a part of every fitness program.

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Benefits of Cardio Exercise

A precise cardio routine will not only lead to better health, but allow for vigorous training to gain an edge whether you are running a race or building muscle. Using a heart rate monitor is the best way to accurately train the cardiovascular system for your fitness needs.

The most common type of cardio training involves aerobic exercises designed for low to moderate intensity levels. Long distance jogging is the best example of an aerobic exercise.

Anaerobic exercising is the opposite of aerobic and involves high intensity movements usually occurring in short bursts. Sprinting is a good example of an anaerobic exercise. To train for either, you must exercise at the appropriate target heart rate.

A target heart rate calculator is the best way to determine your target heart rate. After determining your target, you can then define your heart rate training zones. Heart rate training simply means exercising at the appropriate heart beats per minute to maintain the cardio levels needed for your fitness goals. This is why using a good heart rate monitor is terribly important.

Heart rate monitor training zones are heart rate ranges between your resting heart rate and your maximum heart rate. Your resting heart rate the number of times your heart beats per minute while resting.

Finding Your Maximum Heart Rate

To find your maximum heart rate subtract your age from 220. Training for low intensity, basic endurance fitness needs means exercising at 60 to 65 percent of maximum heart rate.

To train in the aerobic zone and improve cardiovascular fitness while increasing fat burning capabilities, train at 70 to 85 percent of maximum heart rate. Competitive distance runners will consistently train in the aerobic zone.

Moving into the anaerobic training zone requires training at 85 to 100 percent of maximum heart rate. Training in the anaerobic zone is done in intervals and meant to increase the anaerobic threshold. Increasing the anaerobic threshold will allow for improved cardiovascular and muscular performance leading to increases in strength and power. Again, using a heart rate monitor will give you accurate heart rate readings and properly guide your zone training for optimal results.

Heart Rate Monitors

To gain the most out of heart rate training, research and compare before purchasing a heart rate monitor. Determine your fitness goals, training needs and personal preferences. Traditional heart rate monitors consist of a digital wrist monitor with a strap that is placed around the chest. You can also purchase a strapless heart rate monitor for extra comfort and convenience.

Regardless of the design, the best heart rate monitors should not only be accurate and durable, but contain different features that will compliment a fit, healthy lifestyle. You can choose monitors that include GPS software, training feedback tools and even calorie counting. An ideal monitor will not only give you accurate heart rate readings, but provide you with additional data supporting your training needs.

Top heart rate monitor brands include Polar, Timex and Garmin. Polar, for example, is a trusted, well established name in heart rate monitor industry. A polar heart rate monitor will be accurate and comfortable.

Polar designs a variety of options to fulfill different customer needs. Polar also produces watch heart rate monitors. The watch heart rate monitor has become increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts. The best heart rate monitor watch is designed to be stylish while offering several features for everyday use as well as complicated training programs. You must consider the design for not only comfort, but ease of use and visibility.

Overall, a heart rate monitor will be one the best tools you can have to reach and surpass your fitness goals.


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