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Gymnastic Ring Review

CFF gymnastic ring review and pics by buffbrown21.

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Here is what the CFF website says about these rings:

The CFF Rings are not designed for competitive gymnastics, but are gymnastics rings that have been especially designed for fitness and strength training. They are enormously strong, durable, lightweight, portable, and incredibly versatile and adjust in seconds, making them perfect for bringing the world of gymnastics strength training into your own workouts at the gym, at home or even outside! Wright Rings can be used anywhere there is any kind of an overhead support (high bar, chin-up bar, or even a tree branch).

The rings themselves are black, textured and made of a high impact polycarbonate resin. This allows them to be very lightweight and yet still extremely strong; rated at over 1000lbs each!

The strap cam buckles are specially designed to adjust strap length within seconds - this is a very nice feature; no more wrestling with d-rings. The straps are a black high tensile strength nylon and extra long (18') to accommodate handstand work. The straps and cam buckles are also rated at over 1000lbs each; giving you an incredibly tough and versatile workout tool.

Ok, now on to the pictures and review. I will be comparing these to the Xtreme Rings to an extent. This is because I gave them pretty much a perfect review and member Zensuji also gave them the highest marks of all the ones he reviewed. Thus, the Xtreme Rings are the current champ and standard by which to judge others in my opinion.

Available with black straps or yellow (pictured straps). This is how they arrived:

Gymnastic Ring Review


These rings are just SLIGHTLY bigger than the Xtreme Rings. By this I mean, I literally had to put them next to each other to notice a difference. The weight is nearly the same as well, so again, it would be very simple to carry these to the park and not be bogged down by a lot of extra weight.

The ONLY issue I have with these, and this could simply be a matter of personal preference, is the finish/texture on them. It is much smoother than the texture of the Xtreme Rings which I love. Again, this is my own personal preference. Others may desire a bit smoother touch and if so, this is the way to go. Don't get me wrong, they aren't slick by any means, and you can see the small grooves in the photo, which help with the grip.

9 out of 10


Gymnastic Ring Review
Gymnastic Ring


Gymnastic Ring

By the way, I should mention this. One of the tests I do to see about the strength of both the rings AND the buckles is put all of my weight (over 200lbs) on ONE ring and pull, jerk, snatch and bounce. Just FYI, these did NOT budge, creak, bend etc. They are VERY strong.


The straps are 14 feet long, which is more than enough. However, the website says the straps are 18 ft long. I'm not sure if this is a typo or what. (Maybe only the black ones are 18 ft?) They are the same width, thickness and so on of the Xtreme Rings. This gave me plenty of confidence in their strength.

They could have put the markings on these like some of the newer models of rings that are coming out have been doing, but I really believe that this would have caused a serious increase in cost for something that is simple to do (particularly if you get the yellow straps) and not a necessity.

10 out of 10


These are also the same size as the Xtreme Rings and I am 100% confident in their strength to hold anything. No issues whatsoever. These are beefy and tough.

Ring buckle for comparison

Next to Xtreme Ring buckle for comparison:

Ring buckle for comparison

Now, what about shipping and cost?

These took just 2 days to arrive at my door! WOW! Can I give 11 out of 10?

Shipping: 10 out of 10.

Cost: This is where CFF thrives and once again, they dominate this area of the market. These bad boys are only $44.99 and shipping to continental US is Free!! That's right; you can have these great rings as a part of your fitness toolbox for under $50 bucks! I really don't see how that price can be beaten. Just FYI, this beats the total cost of 1 pair of Xtreme Rings by about $35.00!

11 out of 10!!

Service: Having dealt with them in the past, I can say they are THE most professional and courteous people I have ever dealt with in the fitness/equipment/gym industry. That includes local face to face dealing.

I WOULD NOT hesitate to buy from them. I have never had an issue with anything purchased, but I have confidence that they would handle any issue in the most professional manner, ensuring my satisfaction. No doubt, this is an easy 10 out of 10 for them.


So, if you are a bit of a miser, you may want to give these a try. Heck, at this price, you could buy a couple of sets or buy a few as gifts for the fitness minded person that has almost everything!

Best price on the CFF rings

EXF Rings

Ring Exercises:

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