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Getting A Personal Trainer Certification

Getting a personal trainer certification offers numerous job opportunities. Local, national and international job options are available. Certified trainers work in the medical, sports and recreation industries just to name a few.

People who are enthusiastic about exercise and health will find a home as a personal trainer. Teach people the proper way to exercise and get them into shape. Getting an officially recognized certification is the first step to a dynamic and rewarding career in this fast paced field.

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Personal trainers need more than just a certificate. They must be driven, encouraging, knowledgeable and patient. Anyone considering the certification process should keep these facts in mind.

Being a certified personal trainer requires going through the process of learning the basics and being tested by a professional organization. Many organizations provide certifications, but in order to have the most benefits make sure it is accredited.

Accredited certification programs identify the holder as a legitimate trainer who has studied and demonstrated the necessary skills to provide top-quality instruction and advice. The most highly recognized and respected credentialing organization is the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). The NCCA accredits more programs than any other rating agency in the United States. Having an NCCA stamp of approval demonstrates quality and trust.

Depending on what goals a person has for using their certification, check to see if the selected training program offers national or international certificates. What about prerequisites? Most programs have a minimum requirement of at least a high school diploma, CPR training and age of majority (18 years old).

Location and home study options are usually available. Most programs are comparable in terms of cost as well. Continuing education will certainly be required on a yearly basis and this will add an extra expense to maintaining an active certification.

It is vitally important to find out what specific certifications and/or requirements are necessary in the work field one plans to enter upon completing a certification program. Different companies may require specific types of certifications.

Personal trainer certification programs will generally have online portals detailing the programs they offer, along with exam study guides, locations, dates and pricing. Read over the details clearly to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. Don't be afraid to call or email with additional questions.

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The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and American Council on Exercise (ACE) are just two examples of many reputable schools that offer online and home study options for certification. Depending on educational materials, seminars and testing prices can vary widely. Shop around for the most appropriate and best pricing options.

Once certified a personal trainer can find work at local gyms, spas, corporations and even cruise vessels just to name a few. The market is wide open and demand is high. It's an exciting career option for the properly motivated individual. The global marketplace continues to increase demand, ensuring good job prospects for the future.

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