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Cap OB-86PBCK2000 Barbell Review

Cap OB-86PBCK2000 Barbell Review and photos by LimitStrength

From Cap: "Our most heavy duty bar, CAP's 7' Bar is the top choice for home gyms, commercial gyms, and health clubs. This bar is ideal for the professional weightlifter with center knurling."

Photos and video of sleeve rotation at bottom of article.

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  • Best price on Amazon
  • Length: 7ft
  • Weight: 44-48 lbs (Conflicting Numbers, have yet to actually weight the bar)
  • Diameter: 30 mm
  • Tensile Strength: 190k
  • Yield Strength: 165k
  • Sleeve Type: Bushing
  • Center Knurling: Yes
  • Finish: Black Oxide

Tensile/Yield strengths and bar weight were gathered from IronCompany.com and AdamantBarbell.com.


Bar was shipped via 2 day free Amazon prime shipping. Arrived in a standard cardboard tube with plastic end caps. The bar had broken through one of the end caps and arrived with one collar sticking out of the packaging.

Something had scratched about 0.5" square inches of the exposed collar. No real structural damage was observed from the scratch other than the mild ridges on the sleeve in that small spot were scraped off. Since it would not affect the function of the bar I opted to not bother sending anything back for a replacement. The bar was roughly tested for straightness and no wobble of curvature was observed.


After several months of using this bar with substantial loads 500-600 lbs it's still straight as an arrow. The center knurling and slightly thicker diameter make it a fantastic bar to squat as well as bench with. The knurling is rather mild but thanks to the black oxide finish the bar has that tacky texture and I never feel like the bar is slick as with a chrome bar.

The 30 mm diameter means there isn't much flex to the bar. This is nice for squatting and benching, but for deadlifting the stiff bar will most likely require a slight decrease in poundage for those accustomed to lifting with something whippy like a deadlift bar. But I don't think it's a bad thing to make your training harder than the competition.

Other than that the sleeves rotate well enough for powerlifting movements but I certainly wouldn't reccomemend this bar to anyone who is looking to do the olympic lifts. Lack of whip, center knurling, and thick diameter make this bar a true power bar.


- Great price to bar strength ratio

- Strong as a Texas Power Bar

- Black Oxide finish makes for nice bar texture


- Finish comes off easily

- Slight rusting on the knurling on common hand positions

- Thick diameter and lack of bar flex may be a con for some people

cap ob 86pbck2000 barbell
cap ob 86pbck2000 barbell
cap ob 86pbck2000 barbell
cap ob 86pbck2000 barbell
cap ob 86pbck2000 barbell


In my opinion best value bar for anyone who needs something that can hold up to heavy weights. Significantly cheaper than a Texas Power Bar but similar tensile and yield strengths, this bar is a great bar for a powerlifter or strength athlete on a budget. While the TPB is widely considered the king of power bars, I consider this bar a prince if you will.

No real complaints and so far am very happy with my purchase.

Buy the Cap OB-86PBCK2000 Barbell HERE


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