Boric Acid Suppositories and Other Potent Home Remedies for Yeast Infections

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

The world is certainly full of wonders. Who would have thought that natural occurring bacteria in the body will affect the human host? Candida albicans is considered as natural occurring bacteria in the body. They usually hang out in areas where there is moisture and darkness. The mouth, mucous membranes and intestinal tract are among the places that attract them so much. Fortunately, there are several home remedies available including the use of boric acid suppositories.

When the bacteria grow in number, it will invade the body and create a yeast infection. Both men and women can be affected by this condition but most of the time it is usually the women who are affected. There are many causes why these bacterias grow in number. Here are some of the reasons:

• They increase in population because they have overpowered other bacterias in the body due to antibiotic treatment of host.
• The immune system of the body is too low to thwart the population of the bacteria.
• Unhealthy and unhygienic practices of the host body

As the bacteria grow in number, the affected being begins to show some symptoms and the infection takes place.

Usual symptoms that women may experience are:

• Vaginal itching and irritation
• Pain upon urination
• Burning sensation when the woman is doing sex
• Swelling and soreness of the vaginal area
• Foul watery discharge

Since women are not the only ones affected, here are some of the symptoms that men should look out for:

• Swelling on any part of the genital or penis
• Red spots can be seen of the head of the penis
• Dry penile skin that peels easily
• Similar to women, men also experience pain during urination and sex

The symptoms of this condition are quite troublesome especially to people who easily lose confidence when affected by an illness. It is also necessary to treat this condition immediately to prevent further complications. Antifungal drugs such as miconazole and clotrimazole can be immediately brought at local pharmacies. However, there will be times that they will not be effective against the infection. This is where alternative treatments, such as boric acid suppositories, enter the scene.

• Boric acid suppositories – These suppositories have already been used for a long time as an alternative treatment for yeast infection. They are not readily available in the market or pharmacies. You will need to make these suppositories at home. You will need a boric acid powder and a gelatin capsule that can be bought in local pharmacy.

This is a very potent medication because it can make the vaginal membrane acidic, destroying the bacteria’s membrane. Proper care should be done when using boric acid as treatment. Never ingest this and do not apply it on cuts and open wounds. This can cause irritation and is also considered poisonous.

• Apple cider vinegar – This is a renowned remedy for yeast infection. It is a very potent antibacterial and antifungal. To use this, you will need to fill your bath tub with water and then pour 1 cup of apple cider vinegar. You will then immerse yourself in this bath for around 20 minutes, douching the affected area. When you are done, you will dry the affected area with an absorbent paper. Though any vinegar can be used, apple cider vinegar has garnered more praise than any other vinegar in terms of fighting yeast infection.

• Garlic - Another very potent home remedy for yeast infection is garlic. Garlic is not only used as spice but can also be used to treat certain conditions. It can be used to treat toothache and hypertension. You can either eat garlic or apply it as a paste. When applied as a paste, apply it on the surface affected by the yeast infestation. This paste will help resolve the irritation and itchiness. When taken in your daily diet, garlic can help boost the immune system to thwart the bad bacteria.

• Yogurt – This is another potent remedy that can be found at home. Before using this, you should make sure that it is unsweetened or it does not contain sugar. Also, it must be from a goat’s milk and unheated. You can dip a tampon into the yogurt and insert the tampon in the vagina to relieve the symptoms. You can also include this in your diet as it has lactobacillus that will fight the bad bacteria.

These home remedies can be effective especially when coupled with proper hygiene. Consider using boric acid suppositories and including yogurt and garlic in your diet so that you can help fight yeast infections.

Alesha Wilson is a staff writer at Rockwell Nutrition is a leading online retailer of boric acid suppositories.

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