Bodybuilding Supplement Scams You Should Know

by Jeff A.

Ever wonder why that "miracle muscle builder" supplement that hoovered up last week’s paycheck didn’t perform as well as it did for the shredded dude in the magazine ad?

* Were you just not working hard enough in the gym?

* Are you just too much of a "hardgainer"?

* Did you not click your heels 3 times?

That’s what some of the big supplement companies would like you to believe. When in fact, it’s not YOU at all!

A recent review of the slick marketing tactics used by greedy bodybuilding supplement companies revealed some pretty scary tricks that you may have fallen for in the past. Here are the Top 3 findings (and how you can be sure to NEVER get scammed again!):

Bodybuilding Supplement Scam #1:
"Proprietary Blends"

If the ingredient label on a supplement says "patent-pending" or "proprietary blend", don’t buy it! That’s scam-talk for "cheap worthless supplements we don’t want to tell you about!" Companies can combine any simple compounds (whether they work or not) and submit them for a patent. Sounds "official"…but it’s a smoke screen!

Bodybuilding Supplement Scam #2:
"Pixie Dust"

Most supplements list "proven" active ingredients on their labels that CAN help you build more muscle and burn fat.

Unfortunately, most of them contain so LITTLE of the actual ingredient that they will literally have NO EFFECT on your body unless you take expensive MEGA-DOSES! Usually the language that’s used is something like, "…contains an ingredient proven to blah, blah, blah…" "Contains" = "Sucker" Don’t be one.

Bodybuilding Supplement Scam #3:
"Scientific Jargon"

We’re conditioned to accept medicines as having a powerful effect on our body. That’s why supplement companies will use the Latin or scientific name for a compound on the ingredients label to jack up the price for something that costs just pennies to produce.

In fact, I found one expensive "advanced" supplement that was using the long scientific name for plain old creatine…and charging a small fortune for it. In another testosterone-boosting supplement, the manufacturers used the scientific name for (get this…) black tea leaves! The bottle cost nearly $60 and it was filled with nothing more than ground up black tea leaves with its Latin name!

Make You Want To Give Up On
Bodybuilding Supplements, Doesn’t It?


Of course you need to have a kickass training program to stimulate muscle growth. And you know you need to feed that muscle to make it grow, right? Well the fact is, there ARE some great supplements that can show you faster results in the mirror!

The secret is to know…

* Which ones actually WORK
* How much DOSAGE actually works
* And how to buy them WITHOUT going broke!

I know that sounds like a big challenge, right? Well it’s not…IF you have a "how-to" guide that actually shows you how to make your OWN supplements (without any special skills or equipment). That’s exactly what I do at

In fact, you’ll save as much as 98% by making your own supplements and you’ll know that your own formulas actually WORK! That’s because there are 29 ready-to-make recipes that you can use for ANY fitness goal starting right away.

Imagine making your own:

* Muscle-Builders
* FatBurners
* Hormone-Enhancers
* Testosterone Boosters
* Workout Formulas
* Mass Gainers

You’ll Save a TON of Money On Your Bodybuilding Supplements And Get FASTER Results!

It really is that simple and you’ll be thrilled when you see just how easy it can be with a step-by-step blueprint in you hands to walk you through creating your own formulas. You’ll never be a slave to the greedy supplement companies again!

Just go to and you’ll find everything you need there.

Want to see a video on how to make your own supplements? Click here and scroll down the page to the video.

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