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Body Solid Power Rack GPR378 Review

Body Solid Power Rack GPR378 review and photos by Mark Stevens.

3 large boxes were delivered today. 2 of them I was able to carry but the 3rd was too long and heavy so I dragged the sucker into my house!

Packaging was really nice and sturdy. In fact, there were even desiccant bags in the boxes to prevent surface rust while sitting in a warehouse or being shipped in from CHINA!

rogue power rack

This unit is 11 gauge steel and is beautifully powder coated a nice glossy metal gray. The safeties and bar catches are powder coated a dark charcoal matte finish.

Body Solid Power rack

There we 30 bolts, 60 washers and 30 nuts with nylon insert to prevent loosening. The bolts, nuts and washers are a simple black oxide finish but look nice against the gray.

Body Solid Power rack

The 4 posts have holes every 1.75" apart for fine height control over rack with 2" holes. The cross bracing was though out and completely true's this rack up when the bolts are tightened.

Body Solid Power rack

The welds get an A- which is nice to see since they will see some serious ACTIVE pounding when the bar(s) are let down on them.

The safety bars and bar catches lack a strip of rubber padding on them like I have seen on Powertec equipment but no biggy since I like NOISE!

Body Solid Power rack

I do wish the posts had numbers corresponding to the holes to make it easier to line up the bar catch and safeties. Simple fix is called Sharpie!

I will recommend that when assembling the unit, in step one, use the 4.125" bolts not the 4" it calls for. If you don't you will run out of 4" bolts and have too many 4.125" left. I say to do this in step in because there is not just a plate and bar the bolt goes through but also a second plate so a smidgin longer bolt makes sense. I think their instructions were wrong. (you will see what I mean in one of the pics)

Body Solid Power rack
Body Solid Power rack

As far as the instructions go, they were very good in a glossy 13 page booklet.

The pull up bar does not seem to be rated but is held in with 4, 4" bolts and I would think 350lbs should not be an issue for it. The pull up bar as a very light knurling which felt comfortable and good for pull-ups.

Body Solid Power Rack


Do I think this rack can handle the 1000lbs it says it can? I am not going to find out LOL however it can easily handle 700lbs in my opinion and will be nothing short of being stellar with my planned total of 350 bench press down the road. (45 year old with ambition!!!)

All in all, this rack gets an A from me and is equivalent in quality to my boss's powertec full rack.

Buy the Body Solid Power Rack GPR378 HERE


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