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Blood Glucose Levels and Exercise

If you suffer from diabetes, you have become acutely aware of the importance of how living a healthy lifestyle can help in managing the disease. Nearly 90 percent of people inflicted with diabetes have type 2 diabetes. Poor choices such at eating a diet high in fat and sugar that leads to substantial weight gain is the leading causes of type 2 diabetes.

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When type 2 diabetes occurs, the body develops a resistance to insulin which is a hormone used to regulate blood glucose or the amount of sugar in the blood. Without insulin replacement, a type 2 diabetic will have high blood glucose levels which could lead to dangerous conditions.

For everyone suffering from a diabetic condition, treatment is focused on maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. In addition to diet and medicines, exercise is very important in helping to improve overall health for those suffering from diabetes.

When considering type 2 diabetes, eating healthy and losing weight through exercise can drastically improve and even reverse insulin resistance. The importance of blood glucose levels and exercise for type 2 diabetics cannot be understated.

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When considering any exercise program is it important to get physician approval, especially when suffering from a condition such as diabetes. If possible, it is also a good idea to seek out a personal trainer who has experience in working with diabetics.

If it is not possible workout with a trainer, it is of utmost importance to understand the effects of exercise on normal blood glucose levels and how to safely workout. If working out at a gym, always inform an employee of your condition so they can be aware if something happens. It is also a good idea to wear a medical identification tag.

Those managing diabetes become adept at knowing blood glucose numbers. In the early stages, diabetes is often diagnosed from taking fasting blood glucose levels. Fasting levels are relevant because the results are not affected by caloric intake and indicate a baseline to treat.

When progressively managing diabetes it is highly important to understand how diet and medicines will affect blood glucose levels. The difficult part is balancing three or more meals a day with insulin intake as well as activity levels. Just as important as learning those factors is having an understanding of how blood glucose levels during exercise are affected.

The benefits of exercise are well-known to most people. The body's physiological response to exercise may not be as well-known and is an integral factor for those suffering from diabetes. Exercise directly affects blood glucose levels in different ways.

During exercises of short bursts with high intensity the body will trigger a release of glucose stores for energy. This can actually increase blood glucose in diabetics. Longer exercise sessions can cause muscles to quickly use up the glucose for energy and conversely cause low blood glucose levels. After working out; glucose levels can be higher or lower due to several factors and insulin is often needed to balance out levels.

Before exercising, it is important to make sure your blood glucose levels are stable. Your doctor or dietician can help you understand an acceptable glucose range to work out within. Make your exercising part of a consistent routine. Just like eating and taking medicine, a consistent routine will help make your body's response more predictable.

Be aware that prolonged, strenuous exercise can solicit adrenaline releases that my actually work against your insulin medicine. Ask your doctor or fitness expert which exercises are best for you condition. As stated before, exercise not only improves overall health, but can have drastic effects on improving your diabetic condition.

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