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Best Supplements for Men

Years of scientific research and market analysis have shown that dietary supplements can provide vital nutrients to optimize health and fitness needs. Men engaging in active lifestyles can benefit from a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals not provided in standard diets. Using health supplements in conjunction with foods for fitness is ideal for muscle building and weight loss.

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Over time, supplements have been designed to provide specific needs above and beyond standard dietary plans. Red meat, for instance, is rich in essential amino acids and creatine. It is nearly impossible, however, to consume the necessary amount of meat needed to provide those nutrients when building lean muscle.

best supplements for men

In the same context, a diet filled with fruit and vegetables may not provide the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals for extreme fitness plans. Naturally occurring herbal plants such as green tea leafs, parsley and basil are great sources of unique minerals that can be used efficiently in pill or powder form.

Best Vitamin Supplements for Men

The most basic form of supplemental use is vitamins. The best vitamin supplements consist of concentrated forms of vitamins and minerals found in nature. Vitamins have long been used to fill in gaps of poor diets and as a defense against common diseases.

The best multi vitamins for men are composed of a variety of substances that provide a multitude of health benefits that the male body needs. One of the most important substances found in multi vitamins are anti-oxidants that can boost immune systems. Alpha-lipoic acid or ALA, for example, is a vital anti-oxidant found in the human body that helps repair damage at the cellular level.

ALA supplements are popular tools for maintaining good health. Multi vitamins can also contain healthy fatty acids such as omega 3s to protect against cardiovascular disease. The best omega 3 supplementation is centered on fish oils, which provide a variety of fatty acids and anti-oxidants.

In the world of bodybuilding, supplemental use is standard in gaining an edge for muscle building. The best supplements for men to build muscle are those designed to enhance the process of muscle repair and growth.

Best Supplements for Building Muscle

Perhaps the most common muscle building supplement is protein powder. A variety of protein powder supplements are available to use with water, milk and juice and can provide the protein needed without the additional caloric intake. The most popular protein powder supplement is whey protein which is naturally occurring and has been studied to be optimal for muscle growth.

The building blocks of protein are essential amino acids. Amino acids supplements are a great way to provide targeted supplementation for muscle building. Furthermore, the last 20 years have given rise to creatine supplementation, especially among elite athletes.

Creatine is mainly found in meat. Creatine is also a by-product of amino acids in the human body and supplies energy to muscles which makes it a crucial part of the muscle repair process. Many bodybuilders and athletes also use glucosamine and chondroitin supplements to help maintain and repair cartilage for strong, healthy joints.

Fat Burner Supplement for Men

Lastly, weight loss supplemental use is hugely popular for men. The best weight loss supplements help control hunger, increase metabolism and burn fat. Popular supplements currently on the market are Hydroxycut and Xenadrine.

One widely used fat burning supplemental category is thermogenic fat burners. Classic Thermogenic fat burners are comprised of what is called an ECA stack or ephedra-caffeine-aspirin. The benefit of those compounds is a stimulant-based, synergistic approach to consuming stored fat. The use of fat burners with high levels of activity and proper diets will most certainly allow for men to rapidly achieve weight loss goals.

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