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Ab Wheel 2 Review

I know what you are thinking - another useless abdominal revealing gadget. We have all been bombarded by infomercial after infomercial with the latest ab blaster this and ab roller that, but we keep on buying these products only to sell them at a garage sale or toss them out for the trash man.

rogue power rack

Truth is most of these ab gadgets do work, IF you combine them with a calorie restrictive diet. No matter how hard you train, you will never get your body fat low enough to see abs if your diet is poor! Keep this in mind while reading this review.

Probably the most underrated ab exercise device was the lowly ab wheel. This little torture device will give your core a fantastic workout. There isn't a need to buy any other gadget than the ab wheel.

I don't know about you, but I like a little variety in my workouts. Just like any exercise, if you do the ab wheel long enough, eventually you get bored and it gets thrown into a corner of your gym to never be used again. This won't happen with the power wheel II, besides doing the normal wheel rollouts you can strap this thing to your feet opening up a whole new range of exercise!


First, the Lifeline USA Power Wheel II is big, with a 12" diameter wheel that spins freely on a long, steel axle. The foot mounting pads are also attached to the axle. Your feet are held on the foot mounting pads by Velcro straps and there is elastic tubing that slips over your heels. Once this is on, it ain't comin off!

While doing research for this Ab Wheel 2 Review, I found out 200lb + hockey and football players use this in their training, so the power wheel is built to withstand heavy duty workouts.

First workout

Before my first attempt with the Power Wheel II, I decided I better watch the included instructional video with John Hinds, creator of the Monkey Bar Gym and former strength coach to the L.A. Clippers basketball team.

The first exercise demonstrated on the DVD was the power wheel leg curl. Take a look at this innocent looking ab wheel exercise:

ab wheel
ab wheel

Looks easy enough, right? On a side note, don't you hate it when these demonstrators make EVERY exercise easy looking? The leg curl hits your core, glutes, and hamstrings all in one shot. I managed about six reps my first time. Great, this DVD routine is going to kill me. It didn't get any easier as the DVD continued.

Pike ups:

ab wheel
ab wheel

Thankfully the DVD has ab wheel exercises that range in difficulty from beginner, to intermediate and advanced. The range of exercises with this thing is amazing. There are even benchmarks you can strive for, one of which is having the Power Wheel II strapped to your feet while pulling yourself along with your hands (think of that game you play at picnics, the human wheel barrow race). The object of this feat of strength is to walk on your hands for the full length of a football field (called the alligator walk)

First time I tried this killer WHOLE BODY EXERCISE, I made it about five yards! Now, I can go about 50 - ONLY 50 more LONG yards to go.


I will preface my review with, I am not a trainer however I am an extremely active individual. My activity level is very high; I spend 5-6 days training in the gym in addition to 4-5 days a week spent on mixed martial arts training. I have always prided myself on being physically fit with great core strength. That is until I bought the power wheel ii.

I have to say this piece of equipment really provides the necessary core and abdominal workout an active individual needs or if you are a novice and need to strengthen your core....this is a must have! The instructional DVD lays out how to properly use the wheel from beginner to advanced. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to increase their core stability in addition to getting that much coveted six pack. George W.


The Lifeline Power Wheel dynamically improves core strength, power and balance. Designed to fit hands or feet, the Power Wheel forces your core to adapt and stabilize with each dynamic move for the strongest back and abs ever!

The Lifeline Power Wheel was determined to be "The Best Core Trainer in the World" by an independent research study done at the University of California Berkeley.

You will never outgrow this torture device. The exercise possibilities are endless; you can take it with you anywhere and use it indoors or outside.

Combine the Power Wheel II with a calorie restrictive diet, and you'll have tremendous core strength along with a sexy six pack!

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