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1 Ton Hooks Review

Is your grip holding back your muscle gains? Many trainees use a lighter weight than they could really handle because of this weak link, your grip. Lifting hooks distribute some of the load off of your fingers and onto your wrists and hands so you can hold on to heavier weights for a longer time. That means more weight AND more reps per set.

1 ton hooks

Your hand muscles are not nearly as strong as the muscles in your lower and upper back or in your traps and shoulders. So when you do an exercise like a barbell shrug, deadlift or a lat pull down, you have to stop the exercise because of grip fatigue rather than from total exhaustion of the target muscle.

On another 1 Ton Hook review, a lifter commented "You won't build up grip strength using hooks" and he is right. But, when you are doing shrugs or deadlifts, or pull downs are you thinking about building your grip strength? Uh, no, you want to build bigger shoulders, or traps, or lats. Train your grip with its own workout, using the COC grippers or other homemade grip training tools.

Testing the 1 Ton Hooks

The 1 Ton Hooks were tested by guys who knew their first set effort was being measured, so each lifter really gave it everything he had. The second set they used 1 Ton Hooks.

They ALL lifted more weight and completed more reps!! A lot more. In fact, they averaged a 98% increase in the total weight lifted on their second set!! Remember, that's after they pre-exhausted themselves going to full failure using no hooks on the first set!

The 1 Ton Hooks allowed users to increase exercise intensity 62% (total weight lifted per unit of time). So if you are training without these hooks you're leaving a 62% increase in muscle building stimulation on the table every workout!!

I can usually barbell shrug 230lbs for 3 sets of six reps. Using the 1 Ton Hooks, I have added forty pounds to this! Now I know these aren't big numbers, but I'm working on it!

The hooks gave me complete control over the bar, and allowed me to concentrate on lifting the weight. No more struggling to hold on to the bar, or losing my grip when I could have pumped out more reps.

Some lifters commented that by having the hook in the palm of their hand it felt as if they were not in control of the bar. The manufacturer of the 1 Ton Hook took this into consideration and came up with this alternative grip:

1 Ton Hooks

So far I have used the 1 Ton Hooks for shrugs; lat pull downs; deadlifts; T-bar rows and even pull-ups. They also work great with my Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells while doing heavy DB rows.

As I use these hooks more and more, I'm finding out I like these better than lifting straps. The quality feel these hooks have along with the heavy duty padding for the wrist support, gives me more confidence to lift heavier loads than I would with straps.

Quality Construction

The 1 Ton Hooks are fully adjustable not only in the wrist but also in the distance from your wrist to the palm of your hand and very comfortable on your wrists because they use thick neoprene padding.

And man, can you tighten these things around your wrists! I thought I cut my circulation off the first time I tightened these things.

The hooks themselves are coated solid steel. This coating grabs onto the knurling of an Olympic bar nicely. The corners of the hook itself are well done. There's a layer of soft, textured plastic around them. The edges won't scratch you if you do shrugs with the bar.


Now the important part - what do they cost? The hooks are $59.90 + S+H. Sounds kind of high, doesn't it? That's what I thought until I received my pair. Don't let the price discourage you. Hooks at half the price are half as good. Besides, how much $ do you spend on supplements each month? I'll bet its way more than the cost of the 1 ton hooks, and supplements won't give you the type of muscles gains you'll get from these hooks.

These things are heavy duty, well made and WILL last through a lifetime of lifting - and they guarantee it. The 1-Ton Hooks come with a 90-day "no questions asked" satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like them for any reason, just send them back to the manufacturer and get a full money back refund. (Less shipping)

Also, if the 1-Ton Hooks ever break, bend, wear out or otherwise show signs of defect, the manufacturer will replace them free of charge for life! (Excluding shipping)

Buy yours here.

Keep liftin'.

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