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How to Make Protein Shakes

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If you're someone who works out on a regular basis and takes your health and physical fitness seriously, then chances are you are interested in any techniques that may help take you to the next level. Protein shakes, if made correctly, can help you:

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  • Recover faster after a workout.
  • Increase your percentage of lean muscle.
  • Act as a healthy alternative for a meal.


  • One cup 1% milk
  • One scoop high quality whey protein (use good quality brand)
  • One ripe banana (Don't forget to peel it ;-)
  • Four to five fresh strawberries that have been rinsed and stems removed (if desired)
How to make protein shakes


  1. Make sure the blender is in the off position, and then pour the cup of milk into the blender.
  2. Add a scoop of whey protein mix and put the lid on the blender and blend the milk and protein at a medium speed for 15 seconds.
  3. Turn the blender off again, and add the banana and/or strawberries, put the lid back on and blend starting at a medium speed.
  4. Gradually working up to a high speed. Make sure to blend the ingredients for at least 45 seconds or until the fruit is completely dissolved.
  5. Turn the blender off, take the lid off, and pour the shake into a large glass.
  6. Enjoy.


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  • Drink shakes within 15 to 20 minutes after the end of your workout. This is the time when your muscles are the most in need of nutrients such as protein.
  • Try to stick with simple flavors that you enjoy such as vanilla or chocolate, and stay away from exotic flavors like cookie dough and tropical.
  • If trying to gain weight, use 2% or whole milk and add another scoop of protein with the recipe used above.
  • If you are trying to stay lean, use skim milk with the recipe used above.
  • If you are vegan bodybuilder, have a dairy allergy, or want a low-fat, cholesterol-free alternative, use soy-milk instead of regular milk. (If you do have any allergies, check the labels of all ingredients before you start.)


  • Blenders if used incorrectly can cause bodily harm. Make sure that the blender is off before adding any ingredients. Always make sure that the lid is on tight whenever the blender is on. Or, just hold the lid with your hand. Be sure to read the Owner's Manual.
  • Make sure the dosage of protein is proportional to your needs.
  • Never put your hand or face into a blender when it is on.
  • Remember to use fresh fruit and milk that has not passed its expiration date

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