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Homemade pullup bar for the Powertec P-PR Power Rack

Pull-ups are probably the best back exercise - period! Primary muscles used are the lats, with biceps, forearms shoulders and even a little bit of the chest involved as well.

rogue power rack

There's this great debate on some forums as to whether the pull-up handles on the Powertec P-PR Power Rack are ergonomically correct:

pull-up bar

You can see what I use the existing handles for.

After researching this, I'm finding that the bar and the angle of your grip are very important.

You should use a straight bar and not a bar that is angled at the ends. Just because the bar is bent on the ends does not mean you should grab it there. Too wide of a grip increases stress on the fragile shoulder joint and also limits range of motion of the lat muscles.

bodybuilding supplements

Your grip on the bar should be only 6 to 8 inches wider than your shoulders. The wider the grip the less overload the lat muscles will get.

After reading the above paragraphs, I'm now wondering if doing pull-ups and pull downs with a wide grip because of an angled bar was the reason for my strained rotator cuff injury and not the bench-press like I thought.

On my setting up a home gym page, I mentioned a website that shows you how to make your own pull-up bar. If you notice on that page, the angled bar being used!

I thought, with a few modifications, I could make a straight bar homemade pullup bar out of pipe that would fit on my Powertec P-PR Power Rack.

Here's what I came up with:

pull-up bar

List of materials needed:


3/4" x 14" black pipe



3/4" x 12" black pipe nipple



3/4" black pipe tee



3/4" x 2" black pipe nipple



3/4" 45 degree black pipe fitting



3/4" x 6" black pipe nipple



3/4" black pipe cap



primer and spray paint




Assembly is pretty straight forward, just follow the layout in this photo:

pull-up bar

Tighten all connections as tight as you can, this assembly is supporting your weight.


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You may have to adjust the angles of the 45 degree fittings so that the assembly is supported by the cross beam of the power rack.

pull-up bar

Once you try this out you'll notice that the 45degree fittings cut into the plastic grips on the existing pull-up handles. You may want to add some padding so this won't happen:

pull-up bar

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